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AR-2 was supported by an unnamed operator.


The operator is a fair skinned woman with dark, chin-length hair worn in a bob cut and as a Tipharean adult she bears the tattoo of Tiphares on her forehead. She wore the standard operators' uniform.


Two days before the TUNED AR Series 2 combat androids became operational their operators were brought into G.I.B. headquarters. The move surprised Lou Collins, who had been kept in the dark about the androids. When AR-2's operator saw Lou, as her console was near the door, she deliberately snubbed her by looking away and not responding after Lou greeted her new coworkers.

Prior to the start of Alita's fight with AR-2, the latter provoked her by asking her operator if she could call Alita the imitation if she defeated her. After the fight swung in AR-2's favour and it appeared that she would prevail, Bigott Eizenburg directed AR-2's operator to have AR-1 take over Alita's original mission to apprehend Desty Nova. However Lou stepped in and leveled her pistol at the woman and commanded her to stop AR-2. However the operator was frozen by the threat and Lou shot her terminal when AR-2 was about to finish off Alita with the Damascus Blade. The resulting explosion injured the operator in the right arm when she shielded herself. She was not shown during the later fall of the G.I.B.