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BAA08 149 Abaddon
One of Tiphares' Tesla coils charging in preparation to fire the Abaddon in Battle 46.
Type Superweapon
Purpose Defense of Tiphares
Users Tiphares
Debut Battle 46

The Abaddon (アバドーン Abadon?) is the super-defensive scalar electromagnetic weapon of Tiphares. Using giant Tesla coils located in three bulges on the lower part of Tiphares, the Abaddon manipulates scalar waves both to protect from external assaults via undetectable force as well as strike distant targets with tremendous invisible energy that cannot be physically deflected, the function of which is normally under the control of Melchizedek but can be commandeered by the M.I.B. in certain scenarios.[1] The Tesla coils also use electromagnetic waves to control the weather around and even away from Tiphares.

The Sword of Damocles, the innermost of the threefold scalar wave defense grid that surrounds Earth's orbit, is hundreds of times more powerful than the Abaddon and can vaporise an asteroid.[2]

The Soviet Union was said to have been developing a weapon nicknamed the "Sarishagan Tiger" based on the theories of Nikola Tesla that waves of magneto-graviton energy existed in the air.[3]


BAA08 155 Abaddon strikes

The Heng is struck by the Abaddon in Battle 46.

After Alita and Figure Four were forced to continue on foot to Alhambra through the desert, they eventually ran out of water and Alita's TUNED body overheated. They were about to die from thirst and dehydration when a sudden deluge of rain and fish saved them, the result of Bigott Eizenburg having manipulated the weather patterns via the Abaddon's Tesla coils.

Melchizedek later granted the Ground Investigation Bureau permission for 0.3 seconds to target the Barjack's giant train cannon Heng after it fired on Tiphares in ES 590.[4] The Heng was destroyed and the conventional phase of the Barjack War came to an end after Den ordered his commanders to switch to guerilla warfare before charging the Scrapyard.


  • It is named after Abaddon, the angel of the bottomless pit and the king of tormenting locusts, in the Book of Revelation.
  • The "Sarishagan Tiger" is a reference to the Saryshagan Tesla Howitzer, supposedly a scalar electromagnetic weapon developed in the 1970s by the Soviet Union at Sary Shagan in Kazakhastan, according to Thomas E. Bearden. His "Scalar Field Theory", the basis for "Scalar Electromagnetics", is controversial and is considered a pseudoscience by most qualified researchers.


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