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Abbie, known in Japan as (スー ?), was one of Vilma Fachiri's martial arts students when she lived in Star City, learning the Mantis Fist from her.


Abbie was a dark skinned young man whose appearance was similar to the namesake of his martial art, the praying mantis. He had three dots in the form of an inverted triangle between his eyes, a thin mustache, and his hair was in two rounded bulges, noticeably split down the middle. He wore a medium coloured tank top and shorts.


After she revived in ES 173, Vilma Fachiri ran a martial arts school at Cosmetica in an attempt to earn her keep. However her quick temper led to her killing disrespectful students, so that only those who could not pay the fees remained.

During the rioting in Star City in ES 191, Abbie and two of his fellow students, Al and Norm, were able to evacuate the staff and children but could not prevent the rioters from breaking through and setting fire to Cosmetica. They informed Vilma of this when they returned, surprising her, as she considered all three mediocre. After they were collectively slapped for being weak, which they did not seem to mind, Vilma gave a baby Tiger Sauer to Susheela. Her students were shocked, wondering if this was her love child, which resulted in them getting their heads slammed into a nearby wall. All three survived however and went on to instruct future generations.