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BAA06 124 Alhambra
Figure Four describes Alhambra in Battle 32.
Part of United States
Type Coastal village
Debut Battle 32 (mentioned)

Alhambra (アルハンブラ Aruhanbura?) is a small fishing village on the West Coast of the former United States. It has a population of 300 and is independent of Factory control, trading with merchants who stop by.[1] It is the hometown of Figure Four and his master Tauro Four and was the first named human settlement on the surface that is not associated with the Scrapyard.


BAALO18 39 Alhambra

Alhambra in Phase 107.

Its location and the remains of skyscrapers that used to comprise it suggest that the village is the former Alhambra, California. Following the end of the impact winter in ES 126[2] and corresponding rise in sea levels, the ocean has swelled halfway up Alhambra's ruins. For some reason every few years a 20-meter long sea serpent wanders into its bay in pursuit of seals. When this happens, the villagers work together to spear it with harpoons, competing to see who can spear it first.


Battle Angel Alita[]

Figure left Alhambra in ES 588[3] to see the Scrapyard, but did not find it to his liking. He did not return until after meeting Alita and their subsequent escape from the Boiling Metal Battalion. Before resuming her mission as TUNED agent, Alita promised to return to Figure after her work was over. It is not clear if her body was repaired before she arrived at Alhambra or after. The last broadcast of Radio K.A.O.S. revealed that its signal could be picked up in Alhambra even though Kaos used an antenna that Alita rigged after his radio truck was destroyed.[4]

BAA09 225-226 Alhambra

Figure preparing to go fishing in Final Fight.

Before she injected herself with the Imaginos trigger, Alita used the Accelerator that had been installed in her Imaginos Body to travel to Alhambra where she saw Figure for one last time and quietly bid goodbye to him before returning to Tiphares and fusing with the docking bolt to save both Tiphares and the Scrapyard. Figure did not see her, but sensed her presence. Five years later he journeyed to Ketheres Elyion, where he was reunited with Alita, who had been reborn in a human body by the Life-Tree, ending the original manga.

Last Order[]

Two months after the end of the Barjack War, Figure resumed his life in Alhambra under the tutelage of his master, Tauro Four. When a trading caravan stopped and Figure discovered that one of the merchants was selling a TUNED pistol that had been recovered from the corpse of the "Angel of Death". Figure recognised the pistol from Alita's use of it and the following day left to find out for himself if Alita really had perished.[5]


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