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Alita's fourth Third League race
BAA03 54 Alita wins 4th race
Alita takes her fourth race in Battle 13
English name Alita's fourth Third League race
Date ES 578[1]
Location Veronica Circuit
Outcome Alita wins her fourth straight race.
Daisuke Ido discovers that Alita became a motorball player and has turned her back on him.
Affiliations involved Esdoc Motors
Participants Alita
Appearance Battle 13

Alita's fourth Third League race was her fourth career victory as a motorball player. Thanks to Shumira, Daisuke Ido learned that Alita had joined the circuit after running away from home.


Alita had run away following Hugo's death and Daisuke Ido had been searching for her for a month, ending up in the Western District of the Scrapyard. He had put his life on hold until he found her again and was close to giving up when he came across two thugs who were trying to rape Shumira. Ido saved her and she coincidentally recognised Alita when Ido showed her his holocard. Without explanation, Shumira took Ido to the Veronica Circuit, where she bought him a monitor ticket for Valdicci and left him. Ido had no choice but to take his monitor seat and received his first introduction to the high speed, carnage-filled world of motorball vicariously through Valdicci.

The race was already in progress when Ido began watching. With Degchalev the ball carrier, Valdicci pitted and was warned about a newcomer by one of his pit crew. Brushing this off, he timed his attack on Degchalev from the pit road and took him out, securing the motorball. With the other racers knocked out or left behind, Valdicci was on track to win the race. However Alita was waiting at the finish line for him. When he thrust his weapon at her, she dodged and sliced across his face with one of her Damascus Blades, defeating him and claiming the motorball. Alita then walked across the finish line to claim the race.

Ido was shocked at the revelation and was able to get into a restricted area where he saw Alita inside the circuit. However when he called out to her she stared him down and blatantly ignored him. Ido was found by security and kicked out. He destroyed his holocard in frustration and was reunited with Shumira, learning that her older brother was Jashugan, the Top League champion. At the same time, Alita did not mention having seen Ido again when in her trailer with Umba and Ed.


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