Battle Angel Alita Wiki

During the course of her long journey Alita has formed relationships with numerous other characters, both allies and adversaries.

Daisuke Ido[]

The relationship began with Daisuke Ido acting as a father figure to Alita, who he discovered and revived after she had lain dormant for centuries near what would become the Scrapyard. Things changed however after Alita saved Ido from the mutant woman and began to recover her lost memories. This resulted in a severe disagreement between them as Alita realized that she could uncover more of her past through combat by becoming a hunter-warrior. However, Ido came to grips with the situation and decided to let Alita live her own life and the two reconciled.

When it seemed as if Ido died Alita suffered endorphin withdrawal, blamed Nova and his subordinates and would have killed them in a fit of rage if it wasn't for the restorer nanobots that Nova injected them with. Also, Alita allowed Nova to leave because he promised that he can revive Ido and the reason she agreed to work for Tipharean was to find Ido.

When Alita finally found Ido she was shocked to discover that he doesn't remember her. After seeing the message that was made by Ido before he erased his memory Alita was so sad to see him in pain. However, Alita decided to leave him & allow him to live in peace. After learning the secret of Tiphares Alita stated that it didn't make a difference, as for her, Ido is Ido and nothing would have changed that.

Love interests[]


The first man that Alita fell in love with was Hugo and she felt an attraction to him from the beginning. However, she felt a great deal of uncertainty over how he felt about her as a cyborg and was hesitant about learning how he truly felt about her. Hugo's focus on reaching Tiphares blinded him to the attention that Alita was paying to him, but after learning about his dream, she eagerly decided to help by participating in bounty hunting to help him reach his ten million chip mark. When Hugo died trying to ascend the rings to Tiphares, Alita mourned him for many months and left her old life behind.

Figure Four[]

When they first met, Alita tried to push Figure away, telling him he would die like all the others who crossed her path. Figure was rather annoyed by her, calling her ''condescending'' and criticizing her love of war. Eventually, Alita fell in love with him for his tenacity and kindness and Figure Four reciprocated her feelings. She later had to leave him to continue her fight against Barjack but they promised to meet again someday. This affection continued after the events of the Tenth Z.O.T.T; Alita sadly knew that she was not able to stay with Figure Four and live a life of peace, so before leaving to travel the stars, decided to have a clone of herself created with her brain in order to stay with him.



Koyomi was rescued by Alita and Master's dog when the serial killer Makaku held her as a hostage. Alita always looked out for the young girl until she was forced to leave the Scrapyard; reconnecting with her many years later, Alita was glad to see her again and willingly risked her life by damaging her lungs and respiratory system to save her from nearly drowning. They had a falling out when Koyomi allied herself with Den and Barjack, but she would still think kindly of Koyomi and was reunited with Figure Four due to Koyomi's actions.

Lou Collins[]

Alita would be introduced to Lou when the latter was brought in as her second TUNED operator. While they both would begin their relationship on frosty terms (due to their individual thoughts on Tiphareans and the Scrapyard respectively), Alita would soon come to greatly appreciate Lou for saving her life several times towards the end of the Barjack War and attempts to find Desty Nova. Alita would do the same and effectively kicking off the entire events of Last Order due to her friendship with Lou and wishing to reunite with her.


Initially started out of fear and alarm at the sight of him, Alita soon warmed up to the sheltered Kaos. She was somewhat surprised that he'd garbed her in a wedding dress while repairing her damaged Tuned Body, but came to cherish it and his company just the same. Alita was slightly put off by his temper tantrums when they first met and did not reciprocate his feelings towards her, yet grew more and more impressed by his growing resilience every time he managed to rebound after she'd accost him for getting too close to her.


Danko is a Berserker Gun that travels with Alita; while it is not known how they met, it is known that Alita encountered it while traveling Venus.

Fellow Künstlers[]


Originally Alita did not think too much about Sechs due to being one of the dozen TUNED AR Series 2 combat androids built using her as a template; the latter would also strive to kill Alita in order to prove he deserved the right to live. This rivalry was soon replaced by Sechs's rivalry towards Zekka, and he no longer brought up the topic of battling her over the course of the Z.O.T.T. more than twice. Their relationship became more of a competitive friendship after Sechs inhabited a new body and joined the Space Angels. Sechs's interactive interface appeared in Alita's dream in Last Order, standing next to the remains of her body. He was concerned by her supposed death in the middle of the Z.O.T.T., but hid it by claiming that she was playing dead.

Elf and Zwölf[]

Elf and Zwölf were created as copies of Alita during her TUNED career, but were only mentioned in Last Order. They view her as their 'employer', and think that she is kinder than their previous ones. They showed considerable upset at her supposed death, but are also frequently mocking her for acting serious.


Erica was the one who saved the young Yoko from her likely death at the minefield, and her best friend through her Künstler training years. Erica was also revealed to be a Hoher Krieger just like Alita. She encoded a message in the Verschlag in Zazie's head, willing Alita to meet her at Mars. During the finals of the Z.O.T.T., Erica watched Alita compete and was last seen muttering her name.


Gelda, Alita and Erica shared a close relative-like relationship, owing to the fact that Gelda was the one who saved the duo from a minefield at Mars. Gelda was shown to be a mother figure to Alita and Erica, mentoring them in their training sessions and shown in non-combat setting with them.

Original Panzer Kunst master[]

It is not certain what relationship Alita had with her original Panzer Kunst master, but it is believed that by the end of her training, it was one of respect. Comments made by the master imply that he was greatly impressed by her quick learning and mastery of several complex and powerful maneuvers.

Rivals and enemies[]


Alita initially thought nothing of Makaku and did not care about his notorious bounty; she was determined to beat him after he destroyed her first body and only intensified when he later kidnapped Koyomi while destroying a portion of Bar Kansas. However, upon hearing his tragic story of being abandoned and wanting his life to have meaning, Alita felt sorry for him and shed a few tears after his death.


While they only interacted a few times, it is believed that Alita and Jashugan viewed the other with respect. As competent motorball competitors, Alita challenged him to a fight to become the champion; Jashugan immediately accepted and saw much of himself in her; he later confided in Ido that he saw her as a worthy successor as motorball champion. Jashugan would also appear within the Ouroboros Program and be instrumental for Alita to break free of Nova's programming and hacking attempts.


From the very beginning, Alita held Zapan in low regards due to him preferring to work alone in hunts and refusing to help Ido track down Makaku. She would humiliate Zapan and greatly wound him by slicing his original face off due to the latter trying to take Hugo's bounty. While she still viewed him as reduced to a pitiful creature during their encounter in the sewers, she was still willing to give Zapan a chance to take his vengeance and frustration out on her.

Desty Nova[]

Alita has had an interesting relationship with Tipharean scientist Desty Nova and his subsequent iterations; it often times switches between one of animosity and of being allies.

Arguably, she had the most positive relationship with Nova II and Porta Nova who worked with her to get to Ketheres and the Brain Incubator, respectively. While she was relatively neutral with the latest version dubbed Nova X, she had an ongoing hostile relationship with the original Nova that has carried over to the surviving copy known as Super Nova.

Bigott Eizenburg[]

While Bigott rescued Alita from certain death, the two were usually at odds with one another due to their conflicting natures. She quickly came to resent Bigott's callous attitude towards her and the other surface dwellers, viewing herself as little more than a slave.


Den of Barjack was an ally of Desty Nova, and the designated target of Alita during her time with TUNED. Den hated his weaker alter-ego, Kaos and sought to kill/harvest the organs of his alter-ego and host body, Kaos, the second potential love interest of Alita. In spite of being crippled and taking possession of Kaos's body, Alita ultimately spared Den at the moment out of the desire to protect and care for Kaos as well as the desire to spare her long time friend, Koyomi, who had allied with Den.


Alita first met Toji on Leviathan 1, and their relationship is a complicated one, consisting of rivalry and friendship. Toji respects Alita, but the latter has never gotten over the fact that Toji claimed that their first battle on Leviathan 1 was his loss, bringing her much shame.