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Alita Ido

Alita Ido is the biological daughter of Dyson Ido and Chiren. After her death, Ido named his adopted cyborg daughter after her.


Alita was born as the daughter of Dr. Dyson Ido and Chiren in the floating city of Zalem. She accompanied her parents to Iron City after Ido and Chiren refused to terminate her for not meeting Zylem's standards and accepted exile. Alita suffered a degeneration of her nervous system, causing her to lose the ability to walk. She was murdered by a narcotic addicted motorballer in the process of robbing her father's clinic. 


Alita was named after her which surprised Nurse Gerhard and angered Chiren, especially when she saw that Alita was using her daughters cyborg body. However, Chiren eventually saw her deceased daughter in the new Alita which led to her redemption before Vector had her murdered for betraying him.


The film and the character of Alita Ido appears to play an homage to the ending of Battle Angel Alita: Last Order, in the sense that the film contains two Alitas: One flesh and blood Alita, and another Cyborg Alita. In this case, the flesh Alita was Ido and Chiren's deceased daughter, whose unused prosthesis gives life and heals the cyborg Alita, or the film's main antagonist, whereas Alita in last order made a flesh clone of herself in order to leave with Fogia while the cyborg Alita became the main protagonist.

Alita was named after Ido's cat instead of his daughter in the original Manga.

Picture of Alita Ido
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