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Alpha Team
BAALO14 45 Alpha Team
Alpha Team during Operation Hagel in Phase 83.
Origin Mars
Affiliations Mars Kingdom Parliament Army
Type Special forces squad
Notable members Zazie
Debut Phase 83

Alpha Team (アルファチーム Arufa Chīmu?) was a Mars Kingdom Parliament Army squad of special forces soldiers led by Zazie which participated in Operation Hagel.


Commanded by Zazie, the squad included Trevor, Kong, a heavy weapons specialist, and Mauer, a surveillance specialist.

Alpha was assigned to clear the November Dome in conjunction with Beta Team, finding only the Neo-Third Reich Division's combat robots. They were afterwards directed to support the Venus Foreign Legion's Squad Q, which had been wiped out by Frau X. While proceeding down a rail track on a maintenance car, they encountered Frau X, who used her stealth to swiftly and efficiently take out each member of the squad one by one, leaving only Zazie left. However thanks to staying calm and her prior experience with Panzer Kunst from having earlier fought Alita, Zazie was able to survive. After learning that Alita was participating in the Tenth Zenith of Things Tournament, Frau X decided to spare Zazie after hitting her with a Dim Mak-like technique. This condemned her to certain death in a month and transmitted the Verschlag to anyone who came in physical contact with her. Analysis of the fight afterwards revealed that in the audio feed of the fight Frau X's voice was masked by static when she talked.

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