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BAALO14 92-93 Alswider
The Alswider in Phase 84.
Type Mobile fortress
Purpose Base
Queen Limeira's residence
Users Mars Kingdom Parliament
Debut Phase 84

The Alswider (アルスワイデル Arusuwaideru?) is a gigantic armoured vehicle that serves as a mobile fortress and base for the Mars Kingdom Parliament. It is the largest land vehicle seen in the series.


The Alswider has eight massive wheels which are each a few meters tall. It has what is presumably a bridge in the front, underneath which is a small turret. Twelve turrets are located on the sides, six on each side, while the vehicle tapers to a tower topped by a flagpole. The name "Alswider" and the symbol of the Mars Kingdom Parliament are on the sides.

Queen Limeira's living quarters are in the tower portion facing forward. Her living room has a large window giving a 270 degree field of view and is furnished with a large screen TV, sofa, coffee table, and potted cacti. The location of this living room and the lack of heavy weaponry suggest that the Alswider is not intended for offensive operations.


BAALO14 116 Limeira's quarters

Limeira's quarters in Phase 84.

After Zazie found out that Frau X had attacked her with a Dim Mak-like Panzer Kunst technique during Operation Hagel in ES 591, she tried to keep this a secret from Limeira, who nonetheless found out. Prior to the start of the Tenth Zenith of Things Tournament a month later, Limeira was watching the Combat TV coverage with Zazie in attendance. She took advantage of this to give Zazie a shuttle ticket to Ketheres so she could support Alita's Space Angels. Zazie was reluctant to leave Limeira, even though the latter suggested that Alita might be able to reverse the Dim Mak and had to be commanded by Limeira to provide support.[1]


  • Alswider (also Alsvidr, Alsviðr or Alsvinnr) is Old Norse for "very wise". According to the Grímnismál from Norse mythology, Alsviðr ("very wise") and Árvakr ("early awake") are the horses that "draw the supple sun over the sky", or Sol's chariot, across the sky each day.


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