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Ammonia Avenue
BAA02 163 Ammonia Ave. mention
Ammonia Avenue is mentioned in a news article in Battle 11
English name Ammonia Avenue
Part of Scrapyard
Type Street
Debut Battle 10

Ammonia Avenue is a street in the Scrapyard presumably in the Eastern District.


After Hugo was critically injured by Clive Lee in ES 578[1] Alita, knowing that he had been put on the bounty list, connected his head to her life support system to keep his brain alive. She removed it from his body to pose as having taken Hugo in for the bounty. However on her way back to Daisuke Ido's clinic she was stopped on a roof near an intersection by Zapan, who had gathered numerous hunter-warriors, a netman, and Ido as a hostage. The result of the confrontation saw Zapan's faced severed off by Alita and her exoneration by the netman for apparently having killed Hugo. The next day Vector was reading a news article about the incident in his office, which mentioned that it had occurred the previous night at 20:12 near Ammonia Avenue.


Ammonia Avenue is a reference to the album Ammonia Avenue and its title track by the Alan Parsons Project The Alan Parsons Project.


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