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Anomaly (アノーマリー }Anomari?) was a team that competed in the Tenth Zenith of Things Tournament (ZOTT). Composed of a single member also known as the "Libido Monster", it was from Mercurius.


Anomaly was vaguley humanoid in shape. It had a skinny, skeleton-like body, a large-jawed head and a large, phallic-shaped cannon between its legs. Super Nova described its appearance as "a spiteful caricature - a slap in the face of mankind". It was apparently designed to represent the human sex drive. According to Super Nova, it absorbed the impact of strikes against it and turned this into heat energy, increasing its surface strength and power.


What made Anomaly a very tough opponent to defeat was its resiliency and durability. It was capable of absorbing what would normally be punishing amounts of damage to other opponents and regenerating itself. This enabled it to survive a nuclear blast that wiped out Geogigas, its second round opponent.


A great deal of Anomaly's past remained a mystery. A LADDER analysis revealed that it was from Mercurius, which had been rendered uninhabitable and off limits when its surface was turned into gray goo in ES 469 by Jean Vares.[1] Aga Mbadi theorized that a new form of primordial soup may have developed as a result and later gave birth to Anomaly. Somehow, it became a participant in the Tenth ZOTT to act as an ambassador for Mercurius, functioning as a form of non-verbal communication with the rest of the Solar System.


Anomaly was placed in Block-B and progressed through the tournament, devouring the Venus Lucifers in the first round and outlasting Geogigas in the second by surviving a nuclear blast that destroyed the arena thanks to its regenerative abilities. In the Quarterfinals, it faced off against Toji. Despite the latter landing several damaging blows, Anomaly survived only to retaliate ferociously. Eventually, Zekka joined the battle and confronted the being; after using a bottle of Mothman TNT Beer that he had been drinking to block an attack by the Libido Cannon, Zekka jammed the bottle itself into the cannon. Zekka then used Toji himself as the basis for a powerful punch that generated too much energy for Anomaly to absorb and disintegrated. During this attack, Toji had an out of this world experience, coming face to face with the supposedly dead founder of Electromagnetic Karate and Zekka's former fellow student, Tunpò. As a result of surviving the attack, Tunpò's spirit was transferred from Zekka to within Toji without either combatant being aware of it.


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