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Aqua Knight

Aqua Knight is a manga by Yukito Kishiro, which he began drawing after Battle Angel Alita. Unlike his other works it is a fantasy manga. The title character is Ruliya, a female orca-riding knight making an epic journey through the aquatic world of Marmundo.

After publishing three volumes, Kishiro placed the series on hiatus to draw Last Order. He has promised to continue Aqua Knight when that is finished.

Influence of other works[]

Aqua Knight is a retelling of Bugbuster, a doujinshi that Kishiro released in 1988 for his professional debut. He has stated that he plans to someday rerelease Bugbuster, but it will not be recognizable from the story of Aqua Knight.[1]

Ruliya's appearance is very similar to Koyomi, who is also a redhead, as she appeared at the end of Battle Angel Alita. Zycrow appears to have been the basis for Tzykrow, who appears in Last Order.


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