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Ars Magna
Ars Magna cover
Author Yukito Kishiro
Illustrator Yukito Kishiro
Cover characters Gally
Release date
Japanese release May 20, 2015
ISBN 978-4063649703[1]

Ars Magna, full title ARS MAGNA デビューから銃夢火星戦記まで (Ars Magna: Debyū Kara Jūyume Kasei Senki Made?) is an artbook by Yukito Kishiro. Its chapter summaries are in Japanese and English, and the illustration captions are in English. Ars Magna has five chapters covering the following:

  1. Battle Angel Alita, both manga and novel illustrations
  2. Aqua Knight
  3. Battle Angel Alita: Last Order, including Gunnm: Another Stories
  4. Other Works, including Ashen Victor
  5. Battle Angel Alita: Mars Chronicle