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The term "Asian Arts" originally referred to at least three martial arts of Asian origin that are practiced by the motorball player Ajakutty and his three disciples. Later however, additional martial arts also derived from Asia were introduced as being practiced by other characters.

The following Asian Arts appear in the series in chronological order:


Martial art Origin Practitioners Debut Notes
Tae Kwon Do Korea Ajakutty, Halberd Battle 17
Mue Katchuah Thailand Bargerald, Ajakutty Battle 17 May be Muay Kaad Chuak.
Yuan Yang Ti Kon Chun China Ajakutty, Norm, Caerula Sanguis, Skaramasakus Battle 17 Appeared later in Last Order as the Duck Fist. Both styles use the same kanji.
Koppo Japan Figure Four Battle 32 May be Koppōjutsu.
Ting Jing China Alita, Zazie Phase 17
Kalarippayattu India Aga Mbadi Phase 26 Mbadi has yet to use any techniques.
Kung Fu China Caerula Sanguis Phase 26 In ES 173 Caerula was a student of "48 schools and 125 divisions" of kung fu.[1]
Aiki Jujitsu Japan Saya Phase 26
Bagua Zhang China Caerula Sanguis, Wong Jing Phase 31 One of the influences of Ahat Mastade.
White Crane Fist China Al, Caerula Sanguis Phase 55
Mantis Fist China Abbie, Caerula Sanguis, Norinco Phase 55
  • Ahat Mastade, which is adapted for combat in space, is heavily influenced by several Chinese martial arts as well as Panzer Kunst.

Space Karate[]

Main article: Space Karate

Space Karate is the most widely practiced martial art in the universe, with 180 million practitioners.[2]


All of the weapon-based Asian Arts that are mentioned are of Japanese origin. Caerula Sanguis' use of jian derives from her Kung Fu background.

Martial art Practitioners Debut Notes
Jigen School Togo Battle 13 A school of swordsmanship.
Hikida Kage-ryū Den, Kaos Battle 35 It was the style used by Ryukisai Tachibana[3], the former owner of Kao's katana. Kaos learned this style via his psychometry.
Sōjutsu Den, Geriperi Battle 39 The art of fighting with the yari. Not explicitly named, but likely given on Den's use of the yari. Geriperi likely knows this style as well to fight one of Den's slave bodies with the yari.
Hojōjutsu Skull Supersonic Fingers The art of restraining a person with rope.
Negishi Ryu Shurikenjutsu Macheko Supersonic Fingers A style of shurikenjutsu.
Supersonic Blade Draw Pizmo Phase 12 Supersonic iaido or iaijutsu.


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