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Asteroid missile
BAALO07 16 Asteroid missiles
Asteroid missiles being deployed against the errant Leviathan class space colony ships in Phase 38
English name Asteroid missile
Type Missile
Purpose Planetary defense
Creator République Vénus
Users République Vénus
Debut Phase 38

An asteroid missile is a missile designed to outwardly resemble an asteroid that is deployed in orbit in defense of a planet. They are used by the République Vénus.


Venus had developed and deployed asteroid missiles at least 200 years before the events of Last Order. When Yoko uploaded Program Guinevere during Operation Maulwurf in ES 386[1], four of the five Leviathan class space colony ships were sent hurtling out of control towards Venus. In response to the threat, asteroid missiles were launched, one of which destroyed Leviathan II. The results of Operation Maulwurf were later termed the Cam Ranh Tragedy.


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