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Auto Brawl Mode
BAALO15 107 Auto Brawl
Zekka fighting Sechs in Auto Brawl Mode in Phase 91.
Martial art Shuri-Ti
Type Offensive
Users Alita
Debut Phase 91

Auto Brawl Mode, known in Japan as Brawl Mode (喧嘩モード Kenka Mōdo?), is a style of fighting that Zekka falls into when he is defeated in some way by an amateur or someone not at his level. It is a throwback to how he previously fought when he was younger.

When he falls into Auto Brawl Mode, Zekka's initial movements appear to be random to close with an opponent. As soon as he starts fighting, Zekka unleashes his rage and uses a lot of power, but his speed is diminished and he falls back on brawling techniques as opposed to actual karate. It is suggested that he will continue to fight in Auto Brawl Mode until he is snapped out of it in some way, such as if the opponent recognises it and points it out to him. Zekka however does not intend to fix this, believing that his flaws are his soul.[1]