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Bagua Zhang
BAALO05 97 Walking the blade
Qu Tsang walking the Titan Blade in combat against Sechs, reflecting Bagua Zhang's influence on Ahat Mastade in Phase 31.
Origin China
Creator Dong Haichuan
Users Caerula Sanguis
Wong Jing
Related martial arts Ahat Mastade
Debut Phase 31 (mentioned)

Bagua Zhang (八卦掌 Bāguà Zhǎng?), literally meaning "eight trigram palm," is an internal martial art from China. It is characterised by spiraling methodologies, a wide variety of techniques, and distinctively evasive circular footwork.

Ahat Mastade is a form of Bagua Zhang adapted for deep space combat. The latter was one of the numerous Chinese martial arts learned by Caerula Sanguis and taught to Wong Jing, the founder of Ahat Mastade, as a means of adhering to a target with Van der Waals forces.