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If you're looking for the version portrayed in the live action film, Alita: Battle Angel, look for Bar Kansas (movie)

Bar Kansas
Bar Kansas
Part of Scrapyard
Type Bar
Debut Battle 4

Bar Kansas was a bar located underground within in the Scrapyard.


Battle Angel Alita[]

Operated (and presumably built) by Master, it was a popular gathering area for residents of the Scrapyard along with many hunter-warriors. One day, hunter warrior Daisuke Ido arrived looking for help in taking down a bounty known as Makaku. With many patrons & hunters reluctant to help (or refusing), fellow warrior Alita called them out for their cowardice. The resulting fight led to much of the bar getting vandalized or damaged.

Shortly afterwards, Makaku arrived with the stolen Power Body he took from Coliseum champion Kinuba. After demanding Alita to fight him, Makaku stole the orphan Koyomi from Master and taunted Alita into following him; he then broke through the bar floor, plunging into the underground sewer system underneath Bar Kansas.

After Master's dog Duke Fang was able to bring Koyomi back safely and Makaku was finally destroyed, Master presumably abandoned the ruined bar and instead elected to rebuild it as Bar New Kansas in another location.