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In the live action film, Alita: Battle Angel, Bar Kansas was located in Iron City, and was a frequent gathering place of the Hunter Warriors, where Alita and Hugo sought to ask for aid in seeking to stop the murderous rampage of the cyborg serial killer, Grewishka. Alita was initially mocked by the Hunter Warriors for asking to pursue Grewishka, as Clive Lee noted that there was no Bounty on him for any crime, and others believed Grewishka to be dead, killed in a Motorball game without realizing that he had been revived by Desty Nova. Zapan proceeded to mock Alita and attempted a fight, only to be quickly defeated by Alita with a broken nose, and a further brawl erupted amongst the hunter warriors until Doc Ido intervened threatening to not give any free repairs if the brawl continued. Grewishka further interrupted by walking in, to the horror of the hunter warriors present, only to kill a Hunter Warrior and drop through the floor and offer Alita a challenge to a one on one fight in the undercity.


  • The Bar Kansas scene features a cameo by Rosa Salazar, the actress who portrays Alita, as herself, leaving the bar as Alita and Hugo are entering.
  • Along with the rest of Iron City and Zalem, the film is set in Panama City instead of Kansas City as was the case in the manga.