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BAA03 174 Bargerald
Bargerald in Battle 17
Japanese name バーゼラルド
Romanized name Bāzerarudo
English name Bargerald
Status Deceased
Number 33
League Second
Nicknames "Barge", "Pile-Driver Bargerald"
Fighting style Mue Katchuah
Weapons Pile driver in arm
Debut Battle 17

Bargerald was a Second League motorball player who was one of Ajakutty’s three disciples alongside Halberd and Skaramasakus. His martial art was Mue Katchuah.


Bargerald had a dark-coloured bipedal motorball body that featured a large head with two long, slit-like eyes and a long "nose". One of his arms housed a pile driver that he used for his signature move, the Pile-Driver Attack. Bargerald's body is orange in Gunnm: Martian Memory.


There was a high degree of mutual respect and cooperation between Ajakutty and among his disciples. The four attempted to support each other as much as possible during Alita’s Second League debut race, as Bargerald and Halberd both cheered Skaramasakus on after he secured the motorball. Together they took out various opponents before jointly attacking Armblessed. After Halberd fell to him, Bargerald tried to avenge his fellow disciple, but to no avail.


Bargerald's fighting style was Mue Katchuah.

  • Pile-Driver Attack: An attack using the pile driver built into Bargerald's arm, which could either pound an opponent with several quick strikes if it connected, or still do damage with a hidden spike in his elbow if blocked.


Prior to Alita’s Second League debut race, Ajakutty introduced his three disciples to her as potential candidates for her challenge race against Jashugan. Bargerald openly questioned his master’s deference to Alita, leading to an impromptu fight between him and Alita that appeared to end in a draw with him threatening her brain and her poised to sever his life support system.

BAA04 41 Death of Bargerald

The death of Bargerald in Battle 18.

During the race, Bargerald and Halberd teamed up to take on Armblessed. The Second League champion however was too much for them, first evading their attacks and taking out Halberd by slicing open his head to expose his brain. Attempting to avenge his fallen comrade, Bargerald quickly fell victim to Armblessed’s Sagittal Plane Slice, which split him right down the middle. The attack killed him, as Ajakutty later referred to his dead disciples following the race.[1]

Other appearances[]

Bargerald appears in Gunnm: Martian Memory, where he is the boss of the second motorball race. This is the first race in which Gally must defeat a boss to win the race.


His likely namesake is the baselard, a Medieval short sword.


  1. Battle 21 - Ajakutty confronts Alita about her decision to quit motorball following the challenge race with Jashugan.

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