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Barjack City
Barjack City
Japanese name 馬借町
Romanized name Bashaku-machi
English name Barjack City
Type City
Debut Mentioned in Phase 26
Phase 107

Barjack City (馬借町 Bashaku-machi?) is a city named after the Barjack rebel group located in the Badlands north of Farm 21. Elf and Zwölf worked here as singers before they were recruited by Nova II to serve as his bodyguards.[1]


Barjack City is the second largest city in the Badlands, second only to the Scrapyard.[2] The city was built out of a small riverside waystation by Den in ES 585 and was the birthplace of the Barjack group.[3] It was the first and still is the only known industrial city outside of Factory control, and has large-scale manufacturing and power facilities. The skyline is punctuated by three tall smoke stacks.

The city was the seat of power of the Barjack group up until its dissolution, and since then has been governed by a council of influential merchants including Mr. Steed.[4]


Main Generator[]

Barjack City is powered by two nuclear steam engines taken from trains.


The city has a modest jail. Figure Four and Daisuke Ido are held here for some time after the destruction of Farm 21.

Barjack Factory[]

A large factory used to construct the Heng and Barjack's other resources.


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