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Barjack War Chronicle
BAA09 239 Barjack War Chronicle
Bar Jack War Chronicle in the Epilogue.
Type Photographic compilation and history
Creator Koyomi
B.B. Buick
Debut Battle Angel Alita Epilogue

Barjack War Chronicle is a book of B.B. Buick's photos of the Barjack that he began taking after his capture in ES 587.[1] It documents his three years with the Barjack and Den's death ride into the Scrapyard, which was shot by Koyomi.


Battle Angel Alita[]

The book was compiled by Koyomi, herself a Barjack veteran. It includes a vocal data chip containing an interview with Den and the cover features Koyomi standing on Den's sword, Zanshato, along with Fury.

Barjack War Chronicle became the greatest bestseller on record in the Scrapyard when it was published in ES 591. Revenue from its sales enabled Koyomi's foster father to open the fourth incarnation of Bar Kansas, Kansas 4.[2]

Last Order[]

Koyomi is 14 as opposed to 15 when Barjack War Chronicle was published at the end of the original manga, thus it has yet to be published.[3]


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