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Baron Muster (バロン・ムスター), real name Itall Sonann (イタル・ソナン), is a mysterious man and self-proclaimed villain.  Once a kind-hearted young man, he was driven mad by events which caused him to contract the Maske Tumor disease and his loved ones to die miserably.  He is the bitter enemy of Cydonian Queen Kagura Dornburg, whose betrayal and cruelty destroyed his sanity, and has spent ten years plotting and executing an elaborate plan of revenge.  He uses a poison called the Krista Morten to kill his enemies, and desires nothing more than finding the Secret Treasure of Mars.


Kagura Dornburg[]

Muster is Princess Kagura's bitter enemy.

Erika Wald[]

Muster originally kidnapped Erica.  After learning about her past history, he decided to make her his disciple in evil.

Maruki Baumburg[]

Muster and Maruki are allies due to shared hatred of Princess Kagura.

Policella Porwit[]

Porwit is the right-hand woman of Princess (later Queen) Kagura. She was murdered by Muster during the meeting of Martian warlords.


Zoe is Muster's bodyguard.  Despite his physical abuse towards her, she appears to have Stockholm Syndrom, loving him regardless.


Damjan was tricked into killing himself by Muster.

Professor Hicham[]

Prof. Hicham was murdered by Muster.

Professor Chinmoy[]

Muster didn't seem to care much when Prof. Chinmoy died.



  • Despite his appearance, Itall is likely only in his early 30's.
  • Despite his physical appearance, Itall and all of his family members appear to have Japanese names. The surname "Sonann" is probably 楚南 , an Okinawan family name. Therefore, Itaru could be 楚南至 , Norin could be 楚南乃凜, and Kuruhito could be 楚南来人.