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Barzarld (バルザール Baruzāru?) was one of Desty Nova's two primary assistants while working in the Scrapyard.


Barzarld was an incredibly large and obese man, with light colored hair and eyebrows and small pointed teeth. He often wore a dark colored vest and pants with studded wristbands on both arms; after getting attacked by Alita, he would have a long vertical scar running across his face. An illustration by Yukito Kishiro for the 2003 Ultra Jump calendar depicts Barzarld as having greasy looking white hair and his vest being dark grey in color.[1]


Barzarld often served as a bodyguard and was completely obedient to Desty Nova. Due to rarely helping Nova with his experiments and often performing mere grunt work and menial labor, it is believed that Barzarld was not that intelligent; he would also snort and babble incoherently at various times. Regardless, he was trusted enough to seek out brains and other parts for Nova to use in his experiments in karma.


Desty Nova[]

Barzarld was completely obedient to Nova and did whatever was asked of him without question, even sacrifice his own life so Nova could get away to safety.


While they both served as assistants to Nova, it is unknown what relationship Barzarld had (if any) with Eelai. It is believed though that Eelai did not think very highly of Barzarld, as she would often be the one assisting Nova with more complex tasks


From the beginning, Alita viewed Barzarld as an enemy due to him being with Nova when Ido was killed brutally by Zapan. Because she was an enemy of Nova, Barzarld soon viewed her as a threat especially after she attacked him and sliced his head open.


At some point in time, Barzarld would meet exiled scientist Desty Nova and begin working for him; eventually, Barzarld was implanted with numerous nanomachines to give him the ability to recover from most injuries. He was beaten by a teenage Kaos while being controlled by his Den persona, but he would recover from the near fatal injuries.


Battle Angel Alita[]

Zapan Arc[]

Years later while traversing in the Scrapyard sewers, Barzarld came upon the nearly destroyed head of Zapan; he then took it and what was left of the face back to Nova. As Daisuke Ido arrived at Desty Nova's manor, Barzarld would ambush the doctor as he tried looking for a way inside. He would try striking Ido several times with a hook before getting struck in the genitals and head with a pipe. Nova soon arrived and allowed Ido inside his manor, leaving Barzarld to recover outside.[2]

After Nova incapacitates Ido and reveals his intent to transfer the brain of Zapan to the Berserker Body, Barzarld is there to see it begin to absorb all the energy and body parts around the lab. Barzarld is ordered to cut the power but is flung aside by the out of control Berserker Body. After Zapan destroys the lab and escapes, Barzarld goes and collects the remains of Ido, bringing them to Nova just as Alita arrives.

Upon learning that Ido has been killed, Alita slices the neck of Eelai and then slashes Barzarld across the face; due to the nanomachines, Barzarld recovers but coughs up a decent amount of blood.[3] As Nova decides to leave the Scrapyard, Barzarld is tasked with driving him and Eelai away.

Barjack Rebellion Arc[]

Barzarld is shredded

Barzarld is violently dismembered by a high pressure generator

Eventually, Barzarld's wound heals itself and he takes up residence within the Badlands at the Granite Inn along with Nova and Eelai. For the next ten years, Barzarld continues to faithfully serve Nova and helps with capturing Nova's son Kaos. Knowing that Alita will come to rescue Kaos, Nova instructs Barzarld to monitor the entrances for her arrival; he locates her traveling in the sewer system and unleashes a flood that drives her further in the facility. Upon her getting knocked unconscious by the Ouroboros program, Barzarld strips her weaponry away and ties her down to a table to be operated on; he brings Nova some more flan and prepares to assist with dissecting Alita; he sees her break out of Ouroboros' control and grabs her, putting her in a headlock. Barzarld is stabbed in the face with her leg, destroying much of the right side of his head. After Nova flees, Barzarld recovers and tries again to kill her; however, he is flipped over Alita into a high pressure water generator and is torn to pieces, killing Barzarld for good.[4]


  • While Barzarld was usually shown to be of lesser intelligence when compared most residents in the Scrapyard, this may not have always been the case. It is possible that Barzarld was a normal functioning human prior to him getting beaten mercilessly by Den when Kaos was a teenager.


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