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Volume: 3
Chapter 12
Total pages 20
Released 1992
Story Arc Hunter-Warrior Arc
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Beyond the Sky (空を超えて Sora o koete?) is the twelfth chapter and the first issue in the third volume of Yukito Kishiro's Battle Angel Alita.


Alita and Hugo confront Vector.


Hugo begins to laugh upon realizing that Vector never planned to hold up his end of the deal by sending him to Zalem. He proclaims to a worried Alita that the Hugo she knew is dead and now has nothing to live for. He breaks through the window and runs away; Alita shoots a glare at the dazed Vector before leaving to track Hugo down. As she looks for him, she overhears many residents in the Scrapyard comment how it's raining chips; looking up, she sees Hugo on one of the tubes connecting Zalem to the ground. She asks Deckman 10 about the rings that are moving down the tube and learn they are to discourage residents from climbing the tubes to reach Zalem.

On the way up, Hugo gets struck by a set of the rings; despite losing his legs, Hugo continues to climb towards Tiphares. Alita calls out to him, asking he return back to the ground; Hugo refuses, calling his existence a mistake. Alita gets through to Hugo and convinces him to come back down but he is struck again by another set of rings. Alita manages to grab him before he plunges back to Earth, but Hugo sees that the arm Alita is grabbing begins to dislodge from the socket. He tells Alita how he is glad to have met her, saying goodbye as the arm snaps off, sending Hugo to his death far below.

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