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Volume: 3
Chapter 13
Total pages 21
Released 1992
Story Arc Motorball Arc
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Killing Angel (キリングエンジェル Kiringuenjeru?) is the thirteenth chapter of Yukito Kishiro's Battle Angel Alita.


Alita suits up while wearing her Motorball Body.


Some time after the death of Hugo, Alita ran away and disappeared. Ido desperately searches for her in the western sector of the Scrapyard but does not find any leads. Hearing a girl screaming for help in an alley, Ido initially walks away but returns with a pipe before attacking one of the muggers. Proclaiming he does not particularly wish to fight them, the muggers turn their attention to Ido. He holds them off before kicking the ringleader in the crotch, then killing him by crushing his head with the metal pipe.

Before he can catch his breath, Ido is nearly knocked off his feet by the girl who continually thanks him for saving her. The girl, Shumira, does not recognize Alita when asked by Ido, but offers to give him shelter for the night and takes him to the Motorball arena. Initially taken back by the noise and fervor, Ido decides to view the match and quickly gets into the excitement. However, the combatant he is viewing through comes face to face with a new motorball contestant; Ido is shocked to see that the contestant is Alita. Fighting through the crowd and making his way to a restricted area of the track, Ido calls out to Alita; however, Alita merely glances at him before turning around and leaving.

After she leaves the arena, Alita is getting worked on by her mechanic Umba back in the pits; he mentions excitedly how quickly she has become an expert at the sport. Alita's manager Ed reigns this in by stating they should not get ahead of themselves just yet and reflects on his past as a competitor as well. As she gets worked on, Alita remembers how she wanted to forget everything about Ido and Hugo, leaving her Berserker Body in a warehouse and becoming a motorball player.

After getting thrown out of a bar, Ido angrily destroys the picture of Alita and commenting how she is not the same since he last saw her. Shumira arrives and, learning that he is a doctor, persuades Ido to come with her and tend to her older brother; Ido is surprised to learn her brother is the current motorball champion Jashugan.

Alita competes against another competitor and reflects on Ed getting her primary motorball weapon the Damascus Blades. After a final thought, Alita wins the match be slicing off the head of her opponent.

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  • This is the first appearance of Alita's Motorball body.
  • It is revealed that approximately one month has passed since Hugo died trying to reach Tiphares.

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