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Volume: 3
Chapter 14
Total pages 21
Released 1992
Story Arc Motorball Arc
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Audience With the King of Kings (キングオブキングスの聴衆 Kinguobukingusu no chōshū?) is the fourteenth chapter of Yukito Kishiro's Battle Angel Alita.


Shumira leaning against a pile of scrap metal.


As Ido reflects on Alita's appearance and her behavior, Shumira grabs him and ushers him to the next race where Jashugan will be performing. Among the crowd are also Alita and Ed, who are scouting the champion out if the former wishes to become the best. Suddenly, Kimji floats away from Alita's shoulder and is found by Shumira before Alita comes to reclaim it. Ido and Alita barely miss each other as Ed takes Alita away, chastising her for not keeping it on a close leash.

During the competition, Ido is surprised to see that Jashugan willingly plays with a disability to even the score for the other participants. Elsewhere in the stands, Alita learns from Ed that Jashugan utilizes the art of Maschine Klatsch which is partly why he has been undefeated. Without warning, Jashugan collapses on the track and loses the lead. Seeing him stumbling into the pits, Ido and Shumira climb the fence to attend to him; this leads to many others climbing the fence and disrupting the race. Shumira shows the pit crew that Ido has a similar mark on his head that Jashugan's former doctor had and both are allowed inside. While looking at the notes regarding Jashugan's condition, Ido is shocked to see that he has had numerous brain augmentation procedures done with Tiphare technology; he is further curious upon remembering that Shumira recognized the mark of Tiphares on his head, hinting that another Tipharean resided in the Scrapyard to be able to have performed the surgeries. Despite Jashugan having flat-lined one minute prior, Ido begins to work in an attempt to resuscitate him.

Meanwhile on the track, the other three competitors mock the champion and each proclaim themselves as the new champion while fighting over the ball; suddenly, Jashugan returns and effortlessly destroys each competitor one by one and wins the contest. As Shumira gratefully hugs Ido, the doctor realizes he has a way to get Alita to return to him: helping Jashugan to break her pride in motorball.

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