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Volume: 3
Chapter 15
Total pages 41
Released 1992
Story Arc Motorball Arc
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Skull Sport (スカルスポーツ Sukarusupōtsu?) is the fifteenth chapter of Yukito Kishiro's Battle Angel Alita.


Alita grabbing a motorball in her Motorball body.


As Alita practices with some training dummies to increase her agility, Umba is fascinated by her Panzer Kunst when he hears he describe it. When asked where she learned it, Alita admits that she is not certain; regardless, both are confident that it will be effective in beating Jashugan and his Maschine Klatsch.

Ed arrives and mentions they have a problem. Motorball competitors are assigned a number from 0 to 99 based on availability and both Alita and another competitor share the number 99. The other competitor, Ajakutty, challenges Alita to ownership of the number in a one-on-one game. Much to Ed's concern (and Umba's encouragement), Alita accepts the challenge. Thompson explains that it will be a best of three series and no weapons will be allowed; due to it being classified as a practice match, a skull will be used instead of an actual motorball. Despite Umba having complete confidence in Alita, Ed remains worried due to Ajakutty's nature of being a fighter that never backs down.

The first game begins and Alita takes the lead; when she tries to take him out, however, Ajakutty performs a high kick that destroy's the lower right leg of Alita's body and sends her crashing off the course. While Umba reattaches another leg to Alita, Thompson suggests to Ed that they forfeit since Ajakutty has destroyed almost 150 other opponents and is known as 'The Crusher'; Ed agrees with the assessment, but refuses due to believing in Alita.

The second game begins and Ajakutty threatens that she'll never walk again; he takes a commanding lead with Alita lagging behind. He tries the same attack again and Alita moves out of the way; he tries another attack but is deflected and eventually loses his grip of the skull. Alita then wins, tying it at one win apiece.

Humbled by her speed and prowess, Ajakutty admits defeat and gives up his number. When his sponsor protests, he states that his style will not work on Alita again and inquires what form she utilized. Taking off her helmet and accepting the win, Alita tells him it is the Mars martial art style Panzer Kunst.

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