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Volume: 3
Chapter 16
Total pages 41
Released 1992
Story Arc Motorball Arc
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Risk One's Heart (危険な心 Kiken'na kokoro?) is the sixteenth chapter of Yukito Kishiro's Battle Angel Alita.


Alita in her Motorball body resting against a statue of a heart.


While Alita and Ed are out, a group of bikers arrive and terrorize the market they are in. As she dispatches several of them, Alita reveals to Ed that her decision to enter as a Motorball competitor forced her to cut off someone special from her life. Ed remarks that she is suffering from guilt, due to not finding the right words to say before she had left; he comforts Alita by saying that small doses of guilt can help make a person stronger and that it is better to live with some guilt instead of none at all.

While having some ramen, Kimji floats away again and is once again caught by Shumira, who immediately claims it for herself; however, Jashugan arrives and insists she return it. Ed greets Jashugan and introduces Alita to him as a new up and comer on the Motorball circuit; Ido then makes himself known, shocking Alita. However, Ido begins to act as if he does not recognize her and belittles her abilities, confusing Alita and causing her to grow somewhat resentful of him.

She then challenges Jashugan to a match; although he admires her determination, the champion declines. Then, one of the surviving bikers arrive and threatens to kill Alita for beating several of his men; Jashugan intervenes and offers both Alita and one million chips to the biker if he beats him in an arm-wrestling match. The biker quickly agrees and is swiftly defeated; the crowd recognizes Jashugan and causes the other bikers to flee.

Alita then removes her heart and offers it up in another arm-wresting match. Ido begins to panic upon seeing how things have gone and refuses to officiate the match after Ed has another arm spasm due to his Terminal Frost; Shumira then jumps in and starts it off. While both Alita and Jashugan each suffer some arm damage, the match is called a draw. Impressed, Jashugan declares that if Alita can assemble a team of five combatants, he will accept her challenge for a Motorball competition; he then leaves, taking Shumira and Ido with him.


  • It is revealed that Umba suffers from Agoraphobia, a fear of crowds.
  • During their interactions in the market, it is shown that Ed and Jashugan used to be Motorball opponents and rivals in the past.

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