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Volume: 3
Chapter 17
Total pages 19
Released 1992
Story Arc Motorball Arc
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Second Stage (第2段 Dai 2-dan?) is the seventeenth chapter and the final chapter of the third volume of Yukito Kishiro's Battle Angel Alita.


Alita in her Motorball body listening to Ed as he gives her advice before a race.


Alita prepares for her next motorball race, vowing to scout many of the other competitors to see if they will be worthy to join her team to challenge Jashugan. Ed comes over, remarking that she looks different since her encounter with the champion; Ajakutty arrives as well, having changed his number and already been selected as the first member of Alita's team. Just then, another player, Tiegel, blocks the way and pleads with Alita to select him; Ajakutty quickly disregards him and kicks Tiegel away. He introduces three followers of his who will also be participating as possible candidates; Alita tests then and remarks that they are very good students of his.

Alita and Ajakutty then witness the arrival of Armblessed, the champion of the Second League; he quickly mocks their apparent meeting while boasting to Alita that he will emerge victorious. Alita mentions that he should instead try to prove his worth in order to join her team, which amuses Ajakutty and sends Armblessed into a rage. As Ajakutty, Ed and Alita arrive back to the pits for a final check before the race, Alita suddenly senses another player pass by without seeing her. Ajakutty mentions that the player is Zafal, whose only weapon is her racing ability and intellect.

In his apartment, Jashugan watches the warm-up of the race and is curious to see what Alita is capable of. He then asks Ido, working nearby, if he will be watching the race. When Ido mentions he will not be, Jashugan pointedly asks what his game is, since he knows there was some previous history between Ido and Alita.

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