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Volume: 4
Chapter 18
Total pages 70
Released 1993
Story Arc Motorball Arc
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Martial Ball (マーシャルボール Māsharubōru?) is the eighteenth chapter and the first chapter of the fourth volume of Yukito Kishiro's Battle Angel Alita.


Alita in her Motorball body with another competitor getting ready to compete.


As Alita gets ready for her debut appearance in the Second League, Ed reminds her to restrain herself and not get carried away; Alita brushes off the concern, stating she always fights at maximum strength.

At his apartment, Jashugan accuses Ido of using Shumira to get to him and help Alita defeat him; Ido comes clean and mentions his past with Alita, seeing her as a daughter while stating that he is looking to bring her home after running away roughly a month earlier. He assures Jashugan that his encounter with Shumira was merely a coincidence and the only way Alita would return is to be defeated in a match. Satisfied with Ido's answer, Jashugan comments that having a family is good before flat-lining again and collapsing to the floor. As Ido prepares to get his medical equipment, Jashugan recovers and props himself into a sitting position. He accepts how his brain is tearing itself apart and does not have much longer to live; despite this, he vows to continue fighting to live until the battle with Alita for the championship.

The match begins and Armblessed surges ahead of the other competitors to grab the motorball, but is overtaken by Skaramasakus. Both him and Halberd jockey for position while Armblessed fights them. In the meantime, Zafal surges towards the front, while Alita finds herself stuck in the middle of the pack and Ajakutty and Tiegel bring up the rear. Peshkavus taunts Alita and orders three sibling competitors to box her in on behalf of Armblessed. When she gets struck, Ajakutty maneuvers over and catches her; Alita gets back on her feet and defeats the three brothers before targeting Peshkavus. Even though he is sent to the crowd, Peshkavus sees Alita coming at him and is unable to defend himself, getting killed when Alita crushes his head and brain.

Finding herself far behind the pack, Alita comes face to face with Tiegel who continues to beg Alita to allow him on her team; Alita focuses on catching up with the others, with Skaramasakus and Zafal in the lead. Armblessed charges behind them and destroys both Halbard and Bargerald; this prompts Ajakutty to angrily charge Armblessed and is torn apart by the Second League champion as well. Alita goes on the offensive and is eventually able to force Armblessed off the track and is eliminated.

Skaramasakus begins to panic and tries to hold on the motorball but is bested by Zafal, who eliminates him and takes the lead. With Alita hot on her trail, Zafal stops in the middle of the track and waits for her to catch up before wordlessly issuing a challenge to Alita; she quickly accepts, but is reminded by Ed to not underestimate her. The two go into a tunnel and when Alita thinks she has left Zafal behind, she appears from behind and swiftly knocks Alita off her feet.

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