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Volume: 4
Chapter 19
Total pages 22
Released 1993
Story Arc Motorball Arc
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Red Zone (レッドゾーン Reddozōn?) is the nineteenth chapter and the second chapter of the fourth volume of Yukito Kishiro's Battle Angel Alita.


Zafal Takié holding a Motorball.


Tiegel reaches the loop portion of the Gregory Circuit and struggles to clear it. Spotting Alita getting damaged from her encounter with Zafal, Tiegel pulls out a small container of Tabasco sauce; after consuming it, Tiegel zooms through the loop and charges towards her, surprising the spectators and race announcers.

Alita struggles back to the pits and Ed immediately gets the mechanics ready to replace her damaged parts. He wonders how Alita's mental state will be affected due to getting beaten so easily and that it may affect her chances in getting a race against Jashugan. Umba equips a metal harness with six additional limbs and the moment Alita arrives, gets to work and impresses Ed and the mechanics assisting him with his speed. As Alita floats in and out of consciousness, she recalls seeing a red mountain from her past and mentions aloud that it is home and where she learned how to fight.

Zafal continues to race around the track carrying the Motorball when Alita appears behind her; momentarily caught off-guard, Zafal begins a struggle with her over possession of the motorball. The two fight each other once more as they travel through the loop and eventually, Alita gets the upper hand and takes out Zafal; however, this causes the motorball to fall out of bounds. As a new one is placed close to the starting line, Tiegel appears and takes possession; as he wonders what it is doing there, he crosses the finish line and wins the competition, driving the fans in attendance to begin rioting and destroying the area just in front of the stands.

As Alita stares up into the sky, she thinks back to the red mountain she saw earlier and wonders to herself how much stronger she can possibly get.


  • The visions of the red mountain are the first indications of Alita's past life and that her origins are from a different planet instead of on Earth.

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