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BAA01 31 Battle 2
Volume: 1
Chapter 2
Total pages 26
Released 1991
Story Arc Makaku Arc
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Fighting Blood (戦いの血 Tatakai no Chi?) is the second chapter and second issue in the first volume of Yukito Kishiro's Battle Angel Alita. It was originally subtitled Fighting Instincts, which was changed by Viz Media to Fighting Blood.


Alita in her first civilian cyborg body.


Alita returns to Factory 33 determined to become a hunter-warrior. During her visit, she recalls the argument that she had with Daisuke Ido over this but resolves to follow an instinct that this is what she has to do, but cannot explain. At the Factory she encounters several deckmen and is registered by Deckman 10.

In the Scrapyard, Master and Duke Fang are approached by Izuchi, who offers to buy the dog's brains. He adamantly refuses, causing Izuchi's massive companion to fly into a rage, grabbing random bystanders to pry open their heads and suck their brains out.

At sunset, Ido angrily throws a dress and other items of female clothing into a drainage ditch in his frustration with Alita. However he then realizes that she is right and accepts her decision to register as a hunter-warrior as her destiny. That night he sets off on a hunt, killing Izuchi while the latter is out obtaining dog brains. Nearby, Makaku is feasting on a victim's brains when Alita comes across him. She charges him, dodging the corpse he throws at her, and executes an upwards spinning kick that slices off his arm. However Makaku quickly recovers and shreds her body with his other arm.

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  • The chapter was initially planned to be titled Blood of Battle, but was switched during translation.

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