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Volume: 4
Chapter 20
Total pages 28
Released 1993
Story Arc Motorball Arc
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Inheriting the Dream ( 夢を継承する Yume o keishō suru?) is the twentieth chapter and the third chapter of the fourth volume of Yukito Kishiro's Battle Angel Alita.


The helmets of Alita and her four challenge team members are shown.


As Ido makes a few adjustments to Jashugan, a reporter announces that Alita has named the members of her team to challenge him for the title of Motorball champion: Ajakutty, Zafal Takié, Tiegel and Armblessed. Ido inquires to Jashugan about who it was that performed the brain augmentation surgery which saved his life and his initial theory is proven correct; a Tipharean physician living in the Scrapyard was behind it and discovers the physician's name is Desty Nova.

In the Scrapyard, Ed visits a welder friend of his named Lam Dao and picks up Alita's newly forged Damascus Blade. Ed reflects about the accident that eventually caused him to retire from active competition: the same one that Jashugan was involved in during his rookie year as a competitor. Ed is confident that with this newly forged blade, Alita will certainly defeat his former rival and become champion.

Elsewhere in the Scrapyard, Alita meets Ido and confronts him on his behavior and why she should listen to him at all. Ido mentions the purpose of Motorball as an outlet for the Scrapyard residents; when he asks if Alita believes she'll become a hero by defeating Jashugan, she reveals that her pursuit of becoming a competitor was a means to deal with Hugo's death several months prior. Ido smiles and acknowledges the growth she has experienced, reaffirming that he views her as his family and that she is always welcome to come back home if she decides to leave the sport; he then takes his leave, leaving Alita with her thoughts.

In a separate area of the Scrapyard, Jashugan meets his mentor in Maschine Klatsch and the two face off in a practice session. Despite his quick defeat, the master mentions that Jashugan has mastered the ability in drawing the ki from the surrounding area. Jashugan mentions that he is afraid of dying but is rebutted by his master. Jashugan is told to kill Shumira so he becomes truly fearless in the face of death and unlocks the full potential in the art; Jashugan is horrified at the thought, but merely stays silent.

After meeting up again, Ed is shocked upon hearing Alita mention how she will be leaving Motorball after her team's match against Jashugan; despite saying it is the final match of her contract, Ed is adamant about her re-signing and living with the glory of being champion; he proceeds to slap her when she refuses. As Ed begins to drag Alita away, a group of junkies arrive and one tries killing her with a homemade weapon; Ed ends up getting shot through the head and tells Alita to not lose her match. After giving Alita her newly reforged Damascus Blade, Ed passes away as Alita begins to cry.


  • It is confirmed that the physician that saved Jashugan is seemingly another exile from Tiphares.
  • The secret behind Maschine Klatsch is revealed to only be achieved if a practitioner sacrifices their loved ones and all emotional attachments.

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