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Volume: 4
Chapter 21
Total pages 24
Released 1993
Story Arc Motorball Arc
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Outsider (アウトサイダー Autosaidā?) is the twenty first chapter and the fourth chapter of the fourth volume of Yukito Kishiro's Battle Angel Alita.


Alita in her motorball body poses with her new Damascus blade


The Top League stadium begins to fill as both the crowd and the deckmen prepare for the championship match between Alita's challenge team and the champion Jashugan.

Prior to the start of the match, Alita informs Umba about Ed's death the previous day; heartbroken, Umba tearfully wonders what he will do now that Ed is gone while Alita tries to console him. Later, Ajakutty spots Alita and asks if the rumor of her retiring after the match is true. After hearing it is true, Ajakutty mentions that motorball players give their lives to the sport in a bid to win the crowd's support and undying devotion; since she only sees it as a stop gap for her and not seeing a life on the circuit, she is an outsider and will never be a full competitor to which Alita somberly agrees with. Standing in front of a mirror in the player area, Alita reflects on how she inadvertently caused Ed's death and vows to not give up on anything.

In his private quarters, Jashugan breaks down and laments that his death is swiftly approaching; regardless, he vows to go out as a champion. Just then, Shumira arrives and brings him a good luck charm for him to wear. As Jashugan hesitantly takes it, Shumira hugs him over how they will be together forever after this match. Jashugan embraces his sister and then after quipping that Shumira should marry Dr. Ido, gives her a tranquilizer. He gives Shumira to an alarmed Ido, who asks why he eliminated his lifeline; Jashugan states that for this match, he is playing for her and wants her to be proud of being the sister of the League champion. Heading to the stadium, Jashugan vows to return triumphantly and will not disgrace the circuit.

A spotlight from Tiphares shines down on the stadium as both Alita's team and Jashugan enter to the roar of the crowd; equipping their helmets, both Alita and Jashugan lock eyes as the motorball is launched into the air, starting the match.

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