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Volume: 5
Chapter 23
Total pages 22
Released 1993
Story Arc Zapan Arc
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Lost Sheep (失われた羊 Ushinawareta hitsuji?) is the twenty third chapter and the first chapter of the fifth volume of Yukito Kishiro's Battle Angel Alita.


Alita sits atop some sound equipment with numerous chains hanging behind her.


At a homeless camp, a woman named Sarah and a man are helping serve soup to a waiting line of Scrapyard citizens. The man confronts a resident trying to cut ahead in line but Sarah calms him down and reminds him of his caring side. The man smiles at Sarah as she goes back to helping the citizens, but then notices a TV advertising an upcoming motorball competition later that day; he starts shaking in fear upon seeing Alita's face and screams in horror. The man is revealed to be Zapan, who begins tearing apart his new face; when Sarah tries to stop him, he blindly swings at her and ends up accidentally decapitating Sarah. After several moments, Zapan realizes what he has done and mourns her death.

Two years later, Ido goes to Bar New Kansas and greets Shumira, who is now working as a waitress at the establishment. He holds Koyomi while asking Master if Alita is working; he is directed to the stage where Alita is performing as a singer. As the crowd cheers in applause, Alita ends her set and goes over to Ido. They catch each other up on their lives and Ido gives Alita a letter sent to her by Umba. She reads that Umba was able to track down her old Berserker Body and that a scientist named Desty Nova purchased it and refuses to entertain any offers to sell it. Recalling that name from his interactions with Jashugan two years earlier, Ido decides to go and confront the scientist; when Alita and Shumira offer to go along with him, Ido refuses and asks them to stay behind.

Zapan holds Sarah's head

Zapan asks Sarah's head to give him strength

As two Hunter Warriors exit Bar New Kansas, Zapan ambushes them from above; one is quickly killed and he pins the surviving one to the wall. As Zapan recollects how Alita humiliated him and bested him once before, he vows revenge against her. The surviving Hunter Warrior mocks Zapan by stating how it was Alita that ended up killing Makaku and how she is vastly superior to the others; this momentarily breaks Zapan and he cowers in fear. The Hunter Warrior tries to kill Zapan for his newly given bounty, but the latter quickly overcomes this and stabs the warrior in the head; he then takes out Sarah's head, which he has kept in a jar of formaldehyde, and begs her to give him the strength needed to kill Alita.


  • It is revealed that Zapan survived getting his face sliced off by Alita after confronting her over the bounty of Hugo.
  • It is shown that Ed was the one behind selling Alita's old Berserker Body before his death in an attempt to keeping her on as a permanent client in motorball.

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