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Volume: 5
Chapter 24
Total pages 19
Released 1993
Story Arc Zapan Arc
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Dog Master (ドッグマスター Doggumasutā?) is the twenty fourth chapter and the second chapter of the fifth volume of Yukito Kishiro's Battle Angel Alita.


Alita stares out a window, while reading a book


Several Hunter-Warriors notice the two bodies left behind by Zapan and vow to hunt him down; however, an older Hunter named Murdock pushes them aside and claims the mark for himself. While the other hunters prepare to fight him over this, Alita arrives and defuses the confrontation, saying that Zapan is only after her and she can clean up her own messes.

Elsewhere in the Scrapyard, Zapan goes to a drug dealer and asks for a drug that can kill his sadness. When he can only present a few chips as payment, the dealer takes an unnatural interest in Sarah's decapitated head; after she mentions being attracted to deceased women, Zapan brutally kills her. He inwardly wishes to die and chastises Sarah for trying to see the good side of him; he screams at Sarah's head and vows to not forgive her for saving him.

At Bar New Kansas, Murdock sits drinking with his four hounds Fury, Glory, Valor and Hubris. Master informs Alita about Murdock's abilities and that he is as tough as a few other Hunter Warriors despite his advanced age. Koyomi suddenly rushes over to Fury and calls it Fang; taken by surprise, Murdock smiles and pats Koyomi on the head. He goes on to mention his reasons for going after Zapan are personal; the woman that Zapan killed was his daughter Sarah and that no one else will be permitted to take the bounty from him.

Murdock eventually corners Zapan in the sewers with his four dogs. As Zapan begins to go after Hubris, a song is heard being played; Zapan turns around and is horrified to see Alita playing it. Before Murdock can order his hounds to attack Zapan, Alita requests that she speak with the former Hunter-Warrior. She offers Zapan the chance to take his vengeance out on her until she finishes playing the song; Zapan immediately grabs a rusted spike and charges her but ultimately finds himself unable to do anything. Alita finishes the song and Murdock's hounds tear Zapan apart, sending his head careening down further into the sewers. Murdock takes his daughter's head and leaves to bury it; Alita gives a fleeting look in the direction Zapan's head fell before leaving as well.

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  • The relationship between Murdock and Sarah is revealed to be father and daughter.
  • It is revealed that within the two years since Bar New Kansas was established, Master's dog Duke Fang passed away due to unknown circumstances.

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