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Volume: 5
Chapter 25
Total pages 44
Released 1993
Story Arc Zapan Arc
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Flask of Karma (カルマのフラスコ Karuma no furasuko?) is the twenty fifth chapter and the third chapter of the fifth volume of Yukito Kishiro's Battle Angel Alita.


Daisuke Ido goes down a spiral staircase.


Alita is seen training several residents in the apartment complex she is living at where Bar New Kansas is also located; several Hunter-Warriors there notice with surprise how gentle Murdock is acting with Koyomi as opposed to when he was hunting Zapan. Koyomi takes some flowers she picked for Murdock and places them at the graves of Fang and Sarah. Shumira arrives and gives Alita a gift from Ido; she remembers that three years previously, she was found by Ido in the Scrapyard.

As Ido travels to the manor of Desty Nova, he notices that no one appears to be home and goes around the side; he admits that he is curious about what the scientist is like, guessing correctly that he must have been behind the life saving efforts of both Jashugan and Makaku. Suddenly, a large man attacks Ido with a hook while the latter tries to explain himself. Ido eventually retrieves his pipe and swings upwards into the man's crotch and strikes him in the head as well, incapacitating him and leaving the man writhing on the ground in pain.

Desty Nova debut appearance

Desty Nova introduces himself

As Ido recovers, he hears the sound of someone clapping and applauding him; looking up, he sees a man gazing down at him. Introducing himself as Desty Nova, he welcomes Ido and permits him to come inside. He briefly speaks with his assistant Eelai (who takes an immediate liking to Ido) and leads them both further into his lab. Ido quickly becomes horrified at some of Nova's experiments and asks what is the purpose of them; Nova mentions that it is to study the aspect of karma itself and wishing to see if humans are able to conquer it. He turns to a recently recovered brain and portions of a face discovered in the sewers, remarking that he was able to reconstruct the deteriorated brain and render it operable once again. Ido glances to the side and, after noticing that some nearby bandages bear the mark of Zapan, realizes in horror that the brain and facial parts in front of him are the remains of the former Hunter Warrior. He tries to destroy it but are held back by Eelai and Nova, the latter surprised that Ido recognizes the owner of the brain; he forbids its destruction by saying that it is his patient, as well as Ido himself.

Alita is planting some seeds in the complex courtyard with Koyomi. Gonzu arrives and asks about where Ido is; Alita mentions that he has been gone several days and has not returned yet, giving her some cause to worry. Master informs Alita that she has a visitor; a youth mentions she was hired by Ido to take Alita to him. Concerned about this, Alita goes to her room, taking her Damascus Blade and agrees to leave; she turns back and despite her instincts telling her to stay, she bids them farewell and swears that she will not let anything happen to those around her.

Zapan third face

Zapan declares his vengeance on Alita

After Ido is strapped down to a chair, Eelai watches over him as Nova goes on to reveal his plan; to transplant the brain of Zapan into the Berserker Body to see if it can conquer its karma and further mentions that he has also summoned Alita to their location. As Nova enters some data, the Berserker Body begins to melt and shift into its true form; it then buries itself into the machinery around it and destroys Nova's control console. Ido screams out that the Berserker Mode, which had been dormant, has been activated and will absorb all the machinery in its immediate area; Barzarld is ordered by Nova to shut off the power but is swung aside by the rampaging Berserker Body. As it begins to absorb the electricity and Zapan's brain, Nova tries to stop it from destroying his work but Eelai saves him from some falling debris; despite this, they are buried underneath and unable to proceed. Nova quickly orders Ido to shoot the Berserker with a container of Collapser at the same time Zapan finishes forming his new body. As Zapan screams out his continued desire for vengeance towards Alita, Ido rushes toward him to inject the Collapser.

Alita arrives at ruins

Alita arrives at Desty Nova's destroyed manor

After some time passes, Alita arrives at Nova's mansion and finds it in a state of destruction; she inspects some of the walls and discovers they have been transformed into glass. Nova emerges from the rubble and calls out to her, but remarks that she is late. As he mentions how himself and his assistants will now be leaving this part of the Scrapyard, Alita demands to know where Ido is; Nova merely repeats the request and starts to smile.

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  • It is confirmed that Desty Nova was the scientist that operated on both Jashugan and Makaku, saving their lives.
  • The full capabilities and form of the Berserker Body are seen and mentioned, including absorbing electricity and size growth.
  • From an inward comment made by Alita, it was revealed that three years have passed since she was brought back to life by Ido.

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