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Volume: 5
Chapter 26
Total pages 44
Released 1993
Story Arc Zapan Arc
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Collapse (崩壊 Hōkai?) is the twenty sixth chapter and the fourth chapter of the fifth volume of Yukito Kishiro's Battle Angel Alita.


Desty Nova gestures towards a small case in front of him.


As Alita demands to know where Ido is, Desty Nova gestures towards a case brought to him by Eelai and Barzarld. As Eelai suggests a disbelieving Alita to look inside and see the contents for herself, the latter opens it only to immediately slam it shut; she begins to suffer from a panic attack, and Alita believes Nova is lying. Nova smiles and opens the case fully and confirming Alita's fears; Ido was killed and his head (along with what few remains they were able to gather) are within the case.

Alita pounces at Nova

Alita lunges at Desty Nova

Alita slumps over and is unresponsive to the revelation; as Eelai goes over to mock her suffering, Alita quickly unsheathes her Damascus Blade and slices her neck and slashes Barzarld across the chest and head before either can react. As Alita murderously glares at Nova and accuses him of being responsible for Ido's death, the scientist tries to stammer out a reply only to get stabbed in the head as well. Alita then lets out a scream of rage and anguish.

Flying above the Scrapyard, Zapan marvels how he can fly before getting shot at by several netmen at Factory 99. As they open fire again, Zapan unleashes several supercharged bolts of lightning and plasma, destroying most of them; he then lands and picks up the head of one, demanding to know which way Bar New Kansas is. He arrives and after burning a homeless woman to death, takes her cloak and disguises himself as he approaches the entrance to Kansas.

As Alita continues to mourn Ido's death, she is horrified to see Nova, Eelai and Barzarld starting to move and stand back up. Nova mentions that they have nanomachines in their bodies and are able to survive fatal wounds. He implores Alita to resist attacking him again and swears that he can bring Ido back to life; he goes on to say that Ido died while trying to stop Zapan after he gained control of the Berserker Body and due to his madness and desire to kill Alita, is more powerful than ever before. He finishes by giving Alita a vial of Collapser and informing Alita that she needs to inject it into the Berserker Body if she hopes to defeat Zapan. After Alita has Nova swear to uphold his promise to restore Ido, she releases him and tries to phone Bar New Kansas to warn them of Zapan, but the reception is too weak. She hurriedly tells the youth to drive her back to Kansas, praying they stay safe until she returns. Nova then takes his leave, mentioning to Eelai that regardless of who wins, the Scrapyard will soon become a war-zone with the possibility of Tiphares intervening.

Zapan kills Gonzu

Zapan misses Shumira and kills Gonzu

After Shumira greets a disguised Zapan, she answers his query regarding Alita by stating she is not there right now. Gonzu accidentally bumps into her, knocking her out of the way of Zapan and is quickly killed by him. Everyone stands in shock and Zapan sheds his disguise, demanding to know where Alita is. Several other Hunter Warriors try attacking the deranged Zapan but are quickly overwhelmed and killed, getting absorbed into Zapan's being. Zapan then targets Master, who is able to briefly calm him. As he quietly urges Shumira and Koyomi to leave, Master is slammed against the counter and Zapan nearly kills him too, only to get attacked by Murdock. He silently orders Fury to guard the children and unleashes the other dogs to attack. Zapan laughs and generates a Demon Dog, killing Murdock's hounds. Murdock charges Zapan and the latter mentions how they both harbored a sense of jealousy towards Sarah and had a desire to kill her, even if Murdock does not admit it. Upon hearing Zapan offer to join forces against Alita, Murdock angrily refuses and activates a grenade, killing himself and destroying Bar New Kansas.

Master upset

Master places the destruction of Bar New Kansas on Alita

Unscathed by the attack, Zapan flies away and calls out to Alita. Soon after, Alita arrives and looks on in horror at the wanton destruction. A crowd looks on and Alita spots Master, Shumira, Koyomi and Fury emerge from a nearby sewer drain. Alita goes to assist them only to have Master order her to stay away; he slumps over and cries over the loss of Bar New Kansas, blaming the destruction and losses of life on her.


  • It is shown that Desty Nova and his assistants have nanomachines within their bodies to essentially be immortal.
  • Alita learns of Zapan's survival, acquiring the Berserker Body and how he is the one behind Ido's demise.

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