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Volume: 5
Chapter 27
Total pages 22
Released 1993
Story Arc Zapan Arc
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Scapegoat (スケープゴート Sukēpugōto?) is the twenty seventh chapter and the fifth chapter of the fifth volume of Yukito Kishiro's Battle Angel Alita.


Zapan goes on a rampage through the Scrapyard, calling out to Alita.


After Zapan destroys Ido's clinic, several groups of Factory forces assemble to try and fight him off but are quickly destroyed. He continues on a destructive rampage, destroying numerous buildings and slaughtering countless residents and Deckmen; all the while, he madly calls out to Alita.

Alita sits in the ruins of Bar New Kansas and reflects on the previous night; Master accuses her of being nothing but a burden and places the loss of his two bars along with the deaths caused by Zapan on her. He takes Koyomi, Shumira and Fury to another part of the Scrapyard, forbidding Alita from coming near them again. Shumira returns Kimji back to Alita and asks about Ido; Alita merely smiles and states that she will likely see him again. The youth thinks Alita is in over her head and volunteers to drive her to the ends of the Earth to start a new life; Alita declines and assembles a pistol given to her by Desty Nova to use and shoot Zapan with Collapser.

Suddenly, a large mob of Scrapyard residents corner Alita and try subduing her; she easily defends herself and learns the Factory troops were annihilated by Zapan. The residents mention that he has been endlessly calling out Alita's name and insist that she sacrifice her life to save the rest of the Scrapyard. After internally noting how the residents have easily taken to offering her life in exchange for their own survival, Alita solemnly takes what few belongings she has left and ventures out to confront Zapan.


  • The Factory is revealed to have an army, with missile platforms resembling netmen along with tanks piloted by Deckmen.

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