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Volume: 5
Chapter 28
Total pages 22
Released 1993
Story Arc Zapan Arc
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Face the Facts (事実に直面する Jijitsu ni chokumen suru?) is the twenty eighth chapter and the sixth chapter of the fifth volume of Yukito Kishiro's Battle Angel Alita.


Alita poses with her revolver atop a pile of rubble in the Scrapyard.


As he continues rampaging through the Scrapyard, Zapan suddenly hears a song playing; recognizing it as the same one Alita played in the sewers, Zapan immediately heads towards the source. He reflects on how in the sewers, he saw a reflection of his dark side in the water and fell to the ground crying, unable to take advantage of the chance given to him. He crushes these thoughts by proclaiming that he no longer has a heart to express his emotions with and begins to feel the Berserker Body breaking down; fighting it off, he finds the source of the sound and slams the ground in front of him, wishing to destroy his nemesis before he is utterly consumed by the dissolving Berserker Body.

He notices that it is a dummy and is caught off guard when Alita strikes him with Ido's rocket hammer and pulls out the revolver given to her by Desty Nova. Before she can fire a shot, Zapan shoots a tendril into Alita's right arm and begins to infect her while generating a ball of plasma; she quickly slices off the arm and avoids the blast. Far off in the distance, Kimji looks on and observes the battle.

Elsewhere in the Scrapyard, Shumira is given a bowl of soup from a food line and traverses through a refugee camp to where Master, Koyomi and Fury are sitting. There are distant sounds of explosions coming from Alita and Zapan's fight; even though Master believes they are far enough away, Shumira criticizes herself for not being brave and wishing to be strong like Alita to help others. A nearby resident offers her to help them serve the others in the food line.

Alita and Zapan continue fighting for some time and eventually the latter pins Alita underneath some rubble. As she struggles to get free, Zapan vows to destroy her and the memory of his past humiliation at her hands; spotting Nova's revolver nearby, Alita uses her Damascus Blade to slice through her chest and severs her legs before the plasma blasts the area to smithereens. As Zapan looks on in confusion, he spots Alita nearby; she fires several shots of Collapser at Zapan, striking him in the head and neck.


  • Shumira unintentionally takes up Sarah's role of helping serve those less fortunate in the Scrapyard.
  • The effects of the Berserker Body starting to decay and wither are shown, but revealed that with enough power of will, can be temporarily held off.

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