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Volume: 5
Chapter 29
Total pages 23
Released 1993
Story Arc Zapan Arc
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Lion and the Lamb (ライオンと子羊 Raion to kohitsuji?) is the twenty ninth chapter and the final chapter of the fifth volume of Yukito Kishiro's Battle Angel Alita.


Alita pants after shooting Zapan several times with Collapser bullets.


As Desty Nova, Eelai and Barzarld traverse across the dunes far away from the Scrapyard, Nova theorizes that the fight between Alita and Zapan is likely nearing its conclusion. Eelai inquires if any of Nova's patients have conquered their karma once upon having it revealed to them; Nova replies likely not and vows to continue his research nonetheless. Eelai motions to the case containing Ido's remains and recalls Nova's promise to bring him back to life, requesting that he be made completely organic; finishing his flan, Nova assures her that he fully intends to and make him an assistant to help with his greatest project.

Zapan begins to laugh after the Collapser bullets seemingly have no effect on him. As he drags Alita close with one of his tentacles and prepares another ball of plasma, Zapan's arm swells up and violently explodes due to the delayed effects of the Collapser bullets. Alita frees herself and stabs Zapan in the chest with the Damascus Blade, exclaiming that he has lost. In a rage and desperate to finish off Alita, Zapan grows a set of wings and flies up into the sky, stabbing Alita several times to absorb her; fortunately, Alita grabs a final vial of Collapser and swallows it, causing Zapan tremendous levels of pain and their minds briefly merge as they fall back to Earth.

In a flashback, Zapan wakes up from a nightmare breathing heavily and Sarah asks what is wrong. He tells her of a horrible dream in which he killed her by mistake and became a monster as a result, destroying everyone and everything around him indiscriminately. Zapan then worriedly asks Sarah what to do if he ever lost her; she embraces Zapan and says that he must accept what happens and to go on. Sarah calms Zapan by saying he must not base his life on what he has won or lost, and to not deny or be stubborn in face of the facts in front of him.

Angel Alita

Alita floats to the ground using wings generated from the dissolving Berserker Body

Zapan screams out Sarah's name one final time and dies as the Berserker Body fully dissolves; as Alita continues to fall back to Earth, a set of wings form from the remnants of the Berserker Body on her and dissolves as well as she crashes through the rubble. Alita weakly gazes in front of her and notices that several of the seeds planted by Koyomi have begun to sprout. She sheds several tears and smiles as she falls unconscious.


  • Due to his reaction, it is argued how Zapan still allowed the nightmare to come to pass. It is possible that merging his conscious with Alita caused his past self to experience a form of precognition, but this has not been explored (and unlikely to be resolved).

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