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Battle 3
BAA01 56 Battle 3
Volume: 1
Chapter 3
Japanese title 価値あるもの
Romanized title Kachi Aru Mono
English title Only Value
Torn Asunder (Viz)
Subtitle Values
Total pages 30
Released 1991
Story Arc Makaku Arc
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Torn Asunder (価値あるもの Kachi Aru Mono?), subtitled Values is the third chapter and the third issue in the first volume of Yukito Kishiro's Battle Angel Alita.


Alita's head looking up.


As her body falls to the ground after getting shredded by Makaku, Alita lands on her remaining hand and pushes off, throwing herself into a spin and driving her arm into Makaku's eye. Daisuke Ido happens on the scene and sees Alita's arm break off at the elbow. Roaring in pain, Makaku catches her and tries to pry her head open so he can suck her brains and obtain the endorphins. Ido charges in and activates his rocket hammer, severing Makaku's remaining arm at the shoulder. He then destroys Makaku's body, but cannot find his head. When Ido gets distracted by attending to Alita, Makaku in his Maggot Body appears and he fires his head spike, impaling Ido through the stomach.

Makaku slithers in a circle around Alita and Ido and burns their faces into his memory, vowing revenge before escaping into the sewers. Ido recognizes him as a highly wanted criminal on the bounty list. He struggles to his feet and pulls out the head spike. Despite his injury, Ido loads Alita onto his rolling case and takes her through the Scrapyard to a pay phone; he manages to call Gonzu before collapsing inside the booth, vowing to give Alita a warrior's body.

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  • Kinuba is shown having successfully defended his Coliseum title for the 63rd time in the background on a TV screen.

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