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Volume: 6
Chapter 30
Total pages 23
Released 1994
Story Arc TUNED Arc
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Judgement Day ( 審判の日 Shinpan no hi?) is the thirtieth chapter and the first chapter of the sixth volume of Yukito Kishiro's Battle Angel Alita.


Alita's upper body is shown with its arms stretched out, with part of the chest dislodged and several wires dangling out from underneath. In the background is the city of Tiphares.


Alita wakes up inside a trash room located within Factory 33 and is angrily confronted by Deckman 10, who picked up the revolver she used to destroy Zapan. After repeatedly asked if she used it, she weakly responds that she managed to defeat the former Hunter-Warrior. Deckman 10 takes this as a confirmation of ownership and replies that possession and usage of a firearm is one of the worst offenses for surface dwellers; Alita is then dumped into a trash compactor with the rest of the garbage and as she pleads for mercy, the door slams shut.

Alita then wakes up in a lit room and notices that she appears to be completely human. Thinking that she woke up from a very long dream, she hears a nearby monitor switch on. A man bearing the mark of Tiphares appears and addresses Alita, stating that she is dreaming and is currently laying in the trash compactor room near death; he offers to save her life and give her a new body in exchange for working for him and Tiphares as an agent of TUNED. He reveals the presence of Kimji and states it is one of a thousand similar drones that were sent to the surface; he further adds that it has been covertly documenting all her battles over the last few months and mentions that she has great potential but is unfocused.

Alita responds by destroying Kimji and huddles in the corner, vowing to stay in the room forever, even if it means she will die. Regardless, the man gives her the option to choose her fate, and motions to a door materializing if she wishes to be saved. He goes on to explain that Alita can become stronger while working for him and the ultimate goal is to track down a rogue scientist named Desty Nova. Upon hearing Nova's name, Alita flashes back to her prior memories with him, including the vow to bring Ido back to life. Alita changes her mind, stands up and goes through the door while the man smiles in satisfaction.

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  • It is confirmed that firearms are illegal and possession of one in the Scrapyard or surface is a serious offense.
  • Kimji is revealed to not be a live organism but merely a surveillance drone to search for possible agents to serve Tiphares.
  • Due to comments made by both Alita and Bigott, it is rumored that the Deckmen are repurposed former members of the Scrapyard.

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