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Volume: 6
Chapter 31
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Released 1994
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Angel of Death (死の天使 Shi no tenshi?) is the thirty-first chapter and the second chapter of the sixth volume of Yukito Kishiro's Battle Angel Alita.


A Factory rail train is shown getting loaded up at a station on the outskirts of the Scrapyard.


As a Factory train loads up and prepares to leave the station, Vector expresses frustration over how there have been numerous bandit raids more frequently over the last month. He notes that before there was a toll the Factory had to pay to spare them from raids but even with the toll getting paid, bandits are still attacking them. He theorizes that it is due to the arrival of a group known as Barjack five years prior. Vector goes over to a window and orders his assistant to find whatever she can on Barjack and their leader known only as Den. He sees a woman resembling Alita in the crowd below and stops mid sentence. Passing it off as his eyes merely playing tricks on him, he orders his assistant to double the wages of the guards assigned to the trains and plans to request more firepower to guard the trains during their runs.

A member of the train staff addresses the crowd and states there are fourteen spots available as security and offers 200,000 chips for two weeks of service. The spots are quickly filled, and a former Hunter Warrior shoves one man aside and tries to take his spot. The man back talks the Hunter-Warrior into confronting him and shocks the Hunter (and the crowd gathered around) when he quickly beats him. He takes back his spot and is given a contract; the man accepts and states his name is Figure Four.

As the train travels through the Badlands, Figure Four strikes up a conversation with a fellow guard named Yolg. They get to know each other a little bit and Yolg fills Figure in on Barjack and how they managed to steal a Factory train. Later, Figure is sitting atop the roof of one of the train cars observing the area they are traveling through and hears a harmonica playing; he turns to find the source of it coming from Alita. Yorg quickly advises Figure to stay away from her, referring to her as the 'Angel of Death' and that not even their employers know where she came from. Regardless, Figure decides to test his luck and approaches her. Snatching the harmonica from Alita, Figure begins trying to play it but quickly gives up; he comments how it has been ages since he last played it and gets a laugh out of Alita. Despite inquiring about her weapons, Alita rebuffs him but does give Figure her name and mirrors Yolg's advise to stay away from her.

Suddenly, Alita stares above them and gets a message from TUNED satellite Gabriel about a squad of vehicles quickly moving towards them; she retreats inside and informs the chief mercenary about the incoming threat. The train goes into high alert and the guards are released to utilize their weapons to fight the bandits. Alita orders the train to stop and despite the deckmen pilot doing so, the train is derailed due to explosives placed along the rail line. Figure tries to recover as a warning blares stating he is out of proximity of the train and failure to return will mean his death; several guards try to flee but are blown up due to their rent-a-guns acknowledging them trying to escape. He tries to return to the train, stopping to pick up Yolg who suffered a broken leg due to the crash.

As one of the bandit leaders race towards him on a motorcycle, Figure shoots his weapon and grazes the bandit in the cheek; the bandit removes his head, revealing it to be a helmet cover for his brain and aims his rifle towards Figure and Yolg. Suddenly, Alita places her rifle on Figure's shoulder and shoot the motorcycle, blowing it apart and sending the bandit flying. She then tosses both Figure and Yolg within proximity of the train, defusing the explosive locks on their guns and shoots the bandit several more times, leaving him in pieces. She then picks up the bandit's still living head, questioning it on where his leader is.

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  • Due to his internal comments, it is believed that Vector either had knowledge of Alita being deposited and set to be destroyed in Factory 33 after her fight against Zapan or was even the one who placed the order to destroy her.
  • It is shown that there is a physical barrier surrounding the Scrapyard from the rest of the surface, giving off the appearance of a waterfall.

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