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Volume: 6
Chapter 32
Total pages 51
Released 1994
Story Arc TUNED Arc
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Wild West Heroes (ワイルドウェストヒーローズ Wairudou~esutohīrōzu?) is the thirty-second chapter and the third chapter of the sixth volume of Yukito Kishiro's Battle Angel Alita.


Figure Four gives a thumbs up as he stands in the middle of a roadway in the Badlands.


Figure and Yolg stare

Figure Four and Yolg stare in disbelief

As both Figure and Yolg look on in amazement how Alita was able to eliminate or disable the entire ambush party, she heads towards a surviving jeep with the head of Knucklehead; when he promises to be her demise, she slits the vocal cords to shut him up.

A warning sound starts blaring and Figure notices his commanding officer fleeing from the cab. Before he explodes due to getting too far away from the train, the officer advises them to run as well since the train's nuclear engine will detonate. As Figure goes to the cab, the surviving Deckman pilot confirms that the train will detonate in fifteen minutes and the computer system has been destroyed, unable to disable the auto locks on Figure and Yolg's rent-a-guns essentially dooming them both. As Alita drives up, Figure tells her to leave since she is not stuck there with them due to not being a guard; she leaps up and using several cutters in her hand to free them both from their harnesses. Confused, Figure asks who exactly Alita is; she merely responds that she made a deal with a devil.

That night, Figure and Yolg make a fire and eat some of their provisions while remarking on how they managed to survive. Figure wonders where Alita is; Yolg again advises him against getting close to her only to be mocked by Figure for continuing that line of thought when she saved them. Alita is on a nearby rock formation and gets reprimanded by Bigott for saving the two mercenaries. He orders Alita to leave the two behind and continue in her mission to find Desty Nova; she replies in the affirmative when Figure finds her. He criticizes her for the choice to leave them behind, with one of them wounded. He then challenges her to a fight and goads her into accepting; while Bigott reminds her to focus on the mission again, she is able to convince him to grant her three minutes.

Alita breaks nose

Alita breaks Figure's nose in a fight

After Figure displays the ability of Hertza Haeon, despite being a full human, he goes in for an attack but Alita effortlessly dodges it and breaks his nose. He nevertheless goes in for another attack only to have his arms disabled; not willing to accept he has been beaten, he goes for a leg sweep and swears to show off his true power. Figure is taken down again but refuses to give up; he is then beaten to a pulp and left with Yolg as Alita drives off. Even after waking up several minutes later, Figure refuses to admit defeat even when Yolg mentions Alita has already left.

Alita saves Figure and Yolg

Alita drives up and saves both Figure and Yolg

As Alita drives off, Bigott mentions that weather readings have indicated that a cyclone is brewing nearby (something Yolg mentioned aloud to himself earlier) due to the meltdown contributing to a supercell. The wind picks up and Yolg screams that they are going to die while Figure can't believe the recent string of events that have occurred in a single day. Alita suddenly drives up and tells them to get in; bristling from the beating earlier, Figure reluctantly gets in while carrying Yolg. Bigott reprimands Alita for defying him once again, but she defends herself by stating that she is one of the surface dwellers that are responsible for his lifestyle up in Tiphares and that they are humans just like them. Suddenly, the communication is broken and Bigott curses Alita as the jeep is sucked up in the cyclone.

Alita wakes up several hours later to hear Figure playing her harmonica once more. She finds herself dangling from a destroyed building and demands Figure hoist her up; the latter talks back and asks her why she decides to assist and abandon them depending on the situation. As Figure and Yolg go to find provisions, Alita asks if Knucklehead is in the car; Figure replies that he must have fallen out during the storm. They soon find a large storeroom of food and a source of water nearby; Yolg admits he has a bad feeling about it but Figure brushes those concerns aside. He then takes some food to Alita and begins to tell her about the village he comes from; she becomes awestruck upon hearing that the village he is from is near the ocean. After Figure playfully teases Alita with some of the food, she kicks him in the face and wraps her legs around his neck before ordering Yolg to pull them both up; Yolg reminds her that he is still wounded and unable to hoist them both.

From a distance, they are spied upon by Knucklehead and his superior officer; Knucklehead confirms they are the ones who destroyed his entire unit. The officer, sitting aboard a tank, mentions they were foolish to arrive at the Boiling Metal Battalion base and orders them to open fire.

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  • It is shown that with training in anti-cyber martial arts, humans are capable of performing cyborg attacks including Panzer Kunst techniques.
  • When Figure tells Alita about his home, it shows areas of green and water. This contradicts the earlier belief that the world has become completely desolate and barren.
  • Due to his conversation with Alita, Bigott reveals that several years have passed since she joined the GIB as an agent of TUNED.

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