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Volume: 6
Chapter 33
Total pages 44
Released 1994
Story Arc TUNED Arc
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Dog Eat Dog (犬は犬を食べる Inu wa inu o taberu?) is the thirty-third chapter and the fourth chapter of the sixth volume of Yukito Kishiro's Battle Angel Alita.


Alita poses in a skintight suit while holding her Damascus Blade behind her back.


Bozzle orders his tank to open fire as Alita maneuvers herself and Figure Four out of the way; as a result, the building is destroyed by the tank shell. As they both fall to the ground, she catches Yolg as well. They try to catch their breath, but the remnants of the building fall on them before they can get out of the way. Bozzle's sergeant goes to confirm the deaths, but Alita managed to get them in a window space and is holding up some debris. Tossing it aside, she grabs her pistol and opens fire at Bozzle; he tries to deflect it with his hand, but the bullet passes through it and destroys his secondary head. Noting that the artillery and precision is far above the average train guard, Bozzle suspects that they may in fact be dealing with the rumored 'Angel of Death' from Tiphares. The Colonel orders his troops to not take any chances with her and defeat Alita no matter what the cost.

The sergeant goes inside the tank and orders a group of socket soldiers to prepare for battle. After they get shots of adrenaline to the head and inserted into bodies, the soldiers go out to track Alita down. Knucklehead requests the chance to lead another platoon of troops and avenge his prior defeat at Alita's hands; noting his impressive determination, Bozzle agrees to the request. He mentions to the sergeant that Knucklehead is merely a decoy to lure Alita out for them to capture her.

Alita unsheaths Damascus

Alita unsheathes the Damascus Blade

The bombardment stops and Alita grins in preparation of the upcoming battle. When Yolg panics and starts crying, she starts hitting him only to be forcibly stopped by Figure; he notes that Alita's desire for fighting is unnerving to him and mentions Yolg has a family he's trying to get back to. Alita tries to pass it off as nothing, only to spot a dryad butterfly; panicking, she shoots several rounds at it, giving away their position to Knucklehead. The socket soldiers ignore Knucklehead's orders and charge the building; as one prepares to lob a grenade, Alita ambushes them and jams the grenade into his mouth before kicking him towards the others. The grenade goes off and Alta quickly dispatches a large amount of soldiers; discarding her rifle, she unsheathes the Damascus Blade and kills several more before getting cornered by Knucklehead.

Meanwhile, Figure Four contemplates his definition of freedom and realizes that his prior definition of going on his own and keeping in solitude is no longer correct; he decides to become the master of his own fate and goes to save Alita; he tells Yolg to stay hidden but the latter is quickly kidnapped by a Barjack soldier. Knucklehead prepares to fire only for Alita to throw a small knife into his trigger finger; she then destroys his gun with the Damascus Blade. Before either can act further, the are surrounded by Barjack and Bozzle orders Knucklehead to stand down.

Figure saves Alita

Figure takes control of a minigun turret

Then, a scuffle is heard and Figure takes control of one of the minigun turrets; he orders Alita to get down and opens fire to cause a distraction. Alita kills several more soldiers with both TUNED weapons and the Damascus Blade; after killing the sergeant, she prepares to kill Bozzle only for Yolg to appear and begs her to spare the Colonel who is an old friend of his. Caught by surprise, Alita is shot by Bozzle with his rifle and surrounded by soldiers; Figure bemoans Yolg as a traitor and opens fire once more, but the soldiers bring down a building atop of Figure and the turret.

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  • It is revealed that Yolg and Bozzle are old friends.
  • Alita's fear of Dryad butterflies is mentioned and seen for the first time.

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