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Volume: 6
Chapter 34
Total pages 23
Released 1994
Story Arc TUNED Arc
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Land of Betrayal (裏切りの国 Uragiri no kuni?) is the thirty-fourth chapter and the fifth chapter of the sixth volume of Yukito Kishiro's Battle Angel Alita.


Alita glares at Yolg while numerous guns are pointed at her.


After Figure Four is buried underneath some rubble from a destroyed building, Alita recovers and calls Yolg a traitor. The latter begins to panic when Bozzle requests he step aside; Alita jumps to attack Bozzle, who merely shoots her and blows off both her legs underneath the knee. Afterwards, Bozzle orders the troops to detain her and resupply before heading back to the main Barjack forces.

Bozzle and Yolg catch up

Bozzle tells Yolg Barjack's plan to destroy Tiphares

As Yolg shakily drinks from a bottle, he recalls Figure's earlier speech about taking control of your own destiny. He apologizes to Figure and looks at a photo of his wife back in Farm 22. Just then, Bozzle approaches him and the two reconnect with the other, not having seen each other in many years. Yolg mentions an older report about Bozzle perishing years ago after his group was overrun by Barjack forces; Bozzle smiles and admits his folly regarding his past thoughts about the group being merely just a wandering pack of rebels. He met up with their leader Den and agreed to join them in destroying Tiphares by knocking it out of the sky; he goes on to mention Barjack are planning an attack on Farm 22 and Yolg is welcome to join. Realizing his family would be placed in jeopardy and likely killed in the attack, Yolg runs after Bozzle, desperately trying to make him reconsider. Meanwhile, Knucklehead is gathering weapons and loading them into a vehicle. Another soldier insults him and Knucklehead remains silent but obeys the order.

That night, Figure emerges from the rubble badly bruised and bleeding but still alive. He finishes off the bottle left by Yolg and sets off to follow the convoy.

Knucklehead destroys convoy

Knucklehead betrays Barjack and destroys the convoy

The next day, Bozzle awakens Alita and begins questioning her; dejected over losing Figure and how she suspects that the GIB has cut her loose after no response in 48 hours, she tells Bozzle of her mission to track down Desty Nova and reunite with Ido. Both Bozzle and his subordinate recognize the names and refer to them in the present tense, confirming they are still alive. As Alita begins to cry and wish to do anything to see Ido again, Bozzle and his subordinate are suddenly shot at. Bozzle looks in surprise to see Knucklehead, who mocks Bozzle before shooting him multiple times in the face. Alita angrily and tearfully cries out on how Knucklehead ruined her chance to see Ido again, but is sharply mocked by him. As the soldiers prepare the socket soldiers and their weapons to go after Knucklehead, they find both the heads and weapons sabotaged. Knucklehead then drives off with Alita after setting off charges to destroy the convoy.

Alita questions why Knucklehead did this, but the latter strikes her with his gun. He gleefully states that it was not done out of benevolence, but due to him wanting to being the one to kill her instead of Bozzle or any of the other Barjack soldiers.


  • The comment made by Bozzle to Alita confirms that Desty Nova did in fact follow through with his promise to bring Ido back to life.
  • The first glimpse of Barjack's ultimate goal of destroying the city of Tiphares is shown.

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