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Volume: 6
Chapter 35
Total pages 23
Released 1994
Story Arc TUNED Arc
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Rain Maker (レインメーカー Reinmēkā?) is the thirty-fifth chapter and the final chapter of the sixth volume of Yukito Kishiro's Battle Angel Alita.


Alita stands underneath a tree atop a large sand dune in the desert.


Figure kills Knucklehead

Figure defeats Knucklehead

Knucklehead drops Alita off the dune buggy and drives a distance away from her. Getting off, he reveals his reasons for joining Barjack and then tosses her Damascus Blade towards her. Loading a single high damage penetration round into his gun, he challenges Alita to attack him with everything she has got. Alita crawls towards the Damscus Blade and grins maniacally at the thought of fighting him. Just then, they both hear a harmonica playing; Figure Four strikes Knucklehead several times and criticizes his thoughts on freedom. He lands one more penetration hit on Knucklehead's brain casing and it explodes, killing him before Figure resumes playing on Alita's harmonica. Alita is relieved to see him still alive and goes in to kiss him.

BAA06 210 Yolg fires on Bozzle

Yolg redeems himself by shooting Bozzle

Suddenly, several rounds of machine gun fire slices between them and they notice a severely damaged Bozzle approaching them with a lone socket soldier. Bozzle laments how he should have anticipated Knucklehead's betrayal and orders the socket soldier to attack; both Alita and Figure notice in shock that it is Yolg. Yolg recognizes them and turns his back on Bozzle, shooting him several times; Bozzle merely activates a kill switch that mortally wounds Yolg and destroys the soldier body. Bozzle continues to spout how the Scrapyard will never be truly free until Barjack is able to destroy Tiphares. Knowing that Knucklehead's discarded gun still has the high explosive round loaded in the chamber, she grabs it and shoots the round at Bozzle, blowing him up and destroying his brain. Figure recovers Yolg's head and the latter apologizes for betraying them both, noting that he is not worthy of returning back to his family. Figure breaks down as Yolg passes away and buries Yolg's head in the desert, using his machine gun as a gravestone.

Rain & fish

Figure and Alita are saved due to a rainstorm

Figure and Alita take Knucklehead's vehicle and drive for sometime through the desert until it runs out of gas. Figure then carries Alita on his back and they soon run out of water. Alita asks Figure to leave her behind so he doesn't die because of her; Figure laughs and states that it is his choice to keep carrying her and that he leaves his destiny up to fate. He plays a song on the harmonica taught to him by a rainmaker when he was a child. Soon though, he finally collapses due to dehydration; Alita comforts him and then they notice several rain drops hitting the ground as well as a fish. They begin to laugh and hug each other over the circumstances as more rain and fish come pouring down.

Up in Tiphares, Dr. Russell inquires to Bigott Eizenburg if he altered one of the weather manipulators to make the rainfall appear in the desert; Bigott replies in the negative and admits that he was curious to see how Alita's life would end in the desert. Russell tells Bigott that his gamble failed and orders they both be retrieved. As Russell leaves, Bigott asks him if he believes in fate and miracles; Russell replies that he does.

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  • It is implied that Tiphares, or at least the GIB, are able to partially control weather patterns within the Scrapyard and Badlands.
  • This chapter's name is a reference to a previous manga by Yukito Kishiro, "Rainmaker", which never got published and which had a female character who became the inspiration for GUNNM's main character Gally.

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