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Volume: 7
Chapter 36
Total pages 45
Released 1994
Story Arc Barjack Rebellion Arc
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The Groundling (グラウンドリング Guraundoringu?) is the thirty-sixth chapter and the first chapter of the seventh volume of Yukito Kishiro's Battle Angel Alita.


Alita poses with the Damascus Blade while Lou interacts from her work station in the Ground Investigation Bureau.


Both Alita and Figure Four reach the former's home village of Alhambra; despite wishing to stay with him, Alita decides to leave and continue pursuing Desty Nova. Figure agrees to wait as long as possible for her to return and Alita parts ways with him, making him promise not to cheat on her.

Up in the city of Tiphares, Lou Collins arrives for her first day as an operator for the Ground Investigation Bureau. Initially unsure where to go, she comes upon Bigott Eizenburg who offers to take her there; leading her down a maintenance stairwell instead of using the elevator, Lou becomes fearful that he plans to sexually assault her and pulls a gun on him. At that time, Dr. Russell arrives and asks what is going on; Russell reveals that Bigott is the director of the GIB and her superior. Lou quickly stammers out an apology but Bigott angrily dismisses it and leaves, mentioning she is not his type. Afraid that she has already ruined her chances of working, Lou is consoled by Russell who takes her to her work station.

Russell gives Lou a brief look at how the GIB works and that she will be the new operator for Alita, their TUNED agent known as A-1. Curious what kind of person Alita is like, she reminds herself that first impressions are important and to not repeat what happened earlier that morning. She contacts Alita who is initially unresponsive; as Lou begins to panic and wonder what to do next, Alita responds after a few minutes and tells Lou that she was watching the sky and recalls all her allies, loved ones and enemies she's fought over the years.

After introducing themselves to the other, Lou notices several enemies en-route; Alita fights several beings dressed as ninjas that appear from the ground. She swiftly defeats them all and notices they are cyborg beings; as one tries to snipe Alita from a distance, Lou activates Gabriel and destroys it. Alita goes to interrogate one when it starts to make groaning sounds and opens its mouth to reveal a large monitor. Both Lou and Alita are shocked to see the face of Desty Nova; greeting Alita, Nova remarks that he is surprised Alita survived her fight against Zapan and the rogue Berserker Body several years prior. Alita confronts him about the promise made to revive Ido and Nova says she will have an opportunity to see him. However, she must first end the threat of Den and Barjack; the cyborg and monitor then explodes, sending Alita flying through the air. Lou, who had been trying to trace the signal, reveals that she did not get a solid lock, but knows it came from somewhere in the Southwest area.

A fighter by the name of Vanado arrives to the Barjack camp and his promoter announces that he has run out of challengers in the Coliseum and wishes to fight Den. Den takes his sword and accepts the fight. They go back and forth for awhile until Den slices through Vanado and bisects him vertically. The promoter tries to persuade Den to join his company as a Coliseum fighter; Den promptly crushes him underneath his foot and curses everyone who affiliates with Tiphares.

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  • Bigott mentions that he prefers the company of men over women, revealing to be either gay or bisexual. This makes him one of the few LGBT characters in the entire Battle Angel series.

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